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Can Kundalini Be Raised in Daily Life or Only in Meditation?

Kundalini is the energy at the base of the spine that pulls us outward and downward. Before we can achieve freedom in God, this energy must be awakened and united at the highest center in the brain. This means, first ... Read More

Where to Focus Your Eyes While Meditating

Dear Friend, If you are practicing the Hong Sau technique of meditation, the goal is that your eyes be uplifted slightly, without any strain, as though you were looking at a mountain in the distance. In the past, Ananda’s founder, ... Read More

Gaining Control Over the Mind and Body

Dear Kanishk, Usually the effects of meditation on the body manifest slowly, with the time varying from person to person. Since you describe yourself as physically “unfit,” developing a program of physical exercises to accompany your daily meditation practice might ... Read More

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