Like a long-distance runner, meditators have techniques for warming up — including prayer, yoga postures, and chanting — and for cooling down, for example by easing their transition into daily life with simple activities.

As athletes do, meditators should review their form and technique occasionally. These articles by Swami Kriyananda, Nayaswami Jyotish, and Nayaswami Bharat cover some of the most common problems that meditators face, and may help you overcome a current hurdle in your practice. Sometimes just a simple change is all it takes.

If you have problems in meditation not covered below, please don’t hesitate to ask a question online. May you speed towards the joy of your own Self!

In divine friendship,
Nabha Cosley

Cannot Find the Time to Meditate

When you’re short on time, cut down on the length of meditation, rather than skipping it altogether — and remember that if you meditate and your energy and concentration powers grow, you will use all your time more efficiently. Read more…

Physical Discomfort While Sitting

One of the most important aspects of a sitting meditation is to be able to sit comfortably — if you are in pain or great discomfort, the only thing you will be meditating on is that! Read more…

Releasing Physical and Emotional Tension

Paramhansa Yogananda shared a “secret super breath” — a technique of tensing the body with double-breathing. It can instantly help to release tension of the body and mind. Read more…

Curing Impatience

Peace must be a part of the meditation process itself — don’t let your approach to meditation be so achievement-oriented that you end up mentally tense. Read more…

Feeling You Are Making Little or No Progress

The basis of all true spiritual progress is right attitude. If you are becoming more kind, more self-giving, more calm, you may be sure that you are progressing. Read more…

For more articles to improve your meditation practice, see Meditation Doctor: Help with Meditation Problems.


  1. I want to learn to watch breath in the nostril area i have done kriya yoga lrvel 1 last year at matunga in mumbai india so give me some practicals to learn the skill to watch breath not from rising falling belly but from the nose

  2. Hello Nabha,
    I finally had some timemto go to this site.. Your article really caught my eye. Thanks for the tips to common challenges.

    1. Thanks Peggy, I’m glad you found them helpful!

  3. Worst of all a giant load of Inpatience associated to anxiety to get up and run to activity. I am an activity alcooholic. Legs and mind want to move, to get up to stop that nonactivity that I see as useless!

  4. After reading your newsletter I am able to correct my short coming in Meditation.

    Thank you very much and I pray to the Almighty to guide me and strengthen my practice with his divine grace.


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