Dear Friend,

We send you loving thoughts during this Christmas season. May you go deep in meditation and be filled with God’s joy. Paramhansa Yogananda told his disciples, “Christ is the joy felt in meditation. Christ is the perception realized in the deepest hours of silence.”

Our Guru gave a wonderful explanation of the story of the three Wise Men following the Star of Bethlehem. These Magi were, in fact, enlightened yogis of the East – Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya, and Sri Yukteswar. They followed the spiritual star of their inner perception, which led them to the Christ consciousness present in the baby Jesus.

Yogananda came to the West at a change of ages when people are more open to spirituality. He called his mission “The Second Coming of Christ,” and gave us the understanding and the tools to seek Christ consciousness within ourselves.

It’s a great blessing to receive his teachings and to understand and seek Christ consciousness.

Christmas Altar

Christmas Altar at Ananda Village

Here are 4 guiding lights to help you in this search:

1. Meditate Deeply

Make time especially during this holy season to meditate on Christ.

If you can, attend an all-day Christmas meditation, as Yogananda recommended. If a group meditation isn’t available to you, then go to your meditation room, or a local church, and make a deep effort to feel the presence of Christ within.

2. Ask God What Gifts You Can Offer Him

Just as the Magi arrived bearing gifts for the Christ child, feel what you, too, can give to the world.

Ask God how you can better serve Him, what more you can do to spread His love in the world. Have the courage to act, to give, and to follow wherever God leads you.

3. Know That We Each Have a Unique Gift to Give

There are billions of stars, yet each one is different. So, too, each of us is unique in what we can give God.

Don’t compare your offering to that of others. Do you know Swami Kriyananda’s Christmas song, “The Shawl of Gold”? The poor girl’s gift of a threadbare shawl turned to gold when she lovingly gave it to someone in greater need.

Realize that everyone is following their own star, offering what they can, and respect all as brothers and sisters on the journey.

4. Remember Your Goal — Christ Conciousness

The journey that the Wise Men undertook to find the Christ child was not without peril, but they persevered to the end.

No matter what challenges you face in your life, or what obstacles are in your path, be steadfast until you reach your goal. If you sincerely and deeply practice the teachings of the Great Ones, you will behold the Christ within.

We’ll close with these words from Paramhansa Yogananda:

May you have a very Merry Christmas. And may you receive the greatest gift that anyone can wish for you: the perception of the Christ spirit in your own heart.

May you feel his presence on Christmas day and every day throughout the New Year.

Open your heart to receive the wonderful gift of Light. Meditate. Meditate until you get the results. The answer is sure if you persist.

Love, serve, meditate.

In loving friendship and joy,

Nayaswami Jyotish and Nayaswami Devi

Christmas blessings from your Ananda Sangha family!

Ananda Sangha staff


  1. Thank you! I wish you all a merry Christmas :-)


  2. Thank you for your letter. Thank you for the words from Paramhansa Yogananda. Your letter came in as a breath of fresh air. Merry Christmas to all.

  3. Thank you for the wonderful message, it was really what i needed to hear right now to keep me focused.

  4. what a beautiful holiday greeting! i am one with you in wishing one and all a happy holiday. and for all of us, may that divine light within shine bright as we share the love of God in service to all! merry christmas!

  5. My Sat Sat Pranams to YOU, Thank you very much for the enlightment. I will meditate as said, as I want to be enlightened. I will also offer my gift to the needy, I thank you again for showing me the path to enlightment. Thank you. Shamala.

  6. My Sat Sat Pranams to YOU, Thank you very much for the enlightment. I will meditate as said, as I want to be enlightened. I will also offer my gift to the needy, I thank you again for showing me the path to enlightment. Thank you. Shamala.

  7. Oh! Thank you so much.I wish you all a merry christmas.

    In divine love,

  8. What a blessing it is to have found yoganandaji in this life, gods love to all at ananda and thank you for all that you do,may a shower of christmas blessings go out to all. aum hari sundara

  9. Thank you for your inspiring thougths, we’ll hold them in our heart, and we’ll share with our spiritual friends of the meditation group.
    Merry Christmas.
    Loving to you all.
    Dayalan and Medhavati
    (Alberto and Maria Grazia)

  10. How wonderful to receive your message while I am visiting my son in Santiago, Chile. He is marrying tomorrow, with friends and family gathered. Thank you for extending Master’s love out into the ether!

  11. Thanks for this wonderful letter, which has filled my heart of hope and happines, I wish to all the members of Ananda Sangha Newsleter a very happy Christmas and a new year full of love, peace, prosperity, tranquility, serenity,harmony,wisdom and much, much happiness. Of course, the same for everybody reading this humble comment. God bless you all. Carlos from Ireland.

  12. My Joy, “today” is the fact that Mahavatar Babaji saved my life, in 1975, near SRF Lake Shrine. JESUS may have saved my soul, but Babaji saved my life, along with Yogananda’s teachings and guidence, and SRF and Ananda is the Un-Conditional LOVE I was always looking for.
    My heart is over joyed to tell of the daily healings and health, the miracles, the good things I’ve enjoyed & enjoy now, due to Yogananda’s saving interactions, then and now. MERRY CHRISTMAS, every day is Christmas, with Yogananda

    I hope I don’t loose what I found.
    Wish I could be there with you all, still wherever we are, there we are, and I hope you are all as Blissed out as I am this day. REALLY LOVE the radio station

    many blessings to you all, and our planet and all bodies,minds and souls
    in divine friendship,

    david munyon

  13. Thank you for an inspiring newsletter! I’m going to print it out so that I can keep referencing the 4 Guiding Lights — wonderful! Blessed holidays to you all,

  14. Dear Ones, NayaSwamiji’s Jyotish and Devi,
    Happy Christmas and thank you for the expression of Master’s teachings and wishes for us.

  15. Thank you so much for sharing the great Masters’ teachings, and the inspiring and enlightening advice you give us all. Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!

  16. dear brothers and sisters of light.
    even though my homeland is thoughsands of miles from all of you in India and elsewhere, please accept my humblest offering of peace, happiness and joy. The peace, happinesss, and joy do not belong to me,or any other person, but belongs to each and everyone of you , personally.
    Look with-in yourself, especially now, and find these treasures that can not be dissapated nor destroyed by this world or any other world!
    In fact, when these treasures are found with-in, all of the universes support these treasures! In finding these treasures you have earned the right to their use.
    From a Pokanoket Indian of Msssachussets, U.S.A.
    May you not only find Peace , Joy, and Happiness , but use these attributes as tools in healing all our nieghbors. Ahoe!

  17. Dear Nayaswami Joytish and Nayaswami Devi,
    Thank you so much for the newsletter. It was just what I needed to hear. Helps me to feel the oneness with my spiritual family again, when sometimes we get too busy to appreciate. Blessings and Joy to you.
    Kaye Gordon

  18. Thank you for sharing this message. It is exactly what I needed today. It speaks to heart and soul. Merry Christmas, peace, and warm wishes to all.

  19. Thank you so much Dear Jyotish and Devi for the beautiful Christmas newsletter my heart skips a beat whenever I see Mail from you.I live in Australia ,Noosa and treasure my Contact with all of you from Ananda via the Internet.Thank you all so much
    Love the Photo, jolly good looking bunch !
    I wish you all Blessings and Joy for Christmas

  20. Dearest friends, Thank you for your words of wisdom during these difficult times. Many blessings to each of you and to all at Ananda. Have a Joyous Holiday Season. Jerry Champagne.

  21. Many thanks dearest Jyotish and Devi. I especially am grateful for the item about what gift we can give to God. This is an area I have not been good in for a long time. I often ask God why I am on this earth and what contribution I have made to mankind. It is an area I feel very deficient in.

    So, your wonderful message has opened my eyes once more to the fact that I have a duty to give unto God. I will be dedicating myself in this coming new year to seeing what gift or gifts I can give and how I can make a real contribution to God’s world, in gratetude for all I have received.

    With a joyful and grateful heart I thank you both for you marvelous Christmas message and all that you have done for Ananda and me over the years.


  22. Thank you for the beautiful message. As usual it is of a great importance to me to read the words of the enlighteneg souls and to try my best to follow at least some of them.
    Merry Christmas and Wonderful New Year, full of Joy and Fullfiment

  23. beautiful message!!! thank you and wish you all a very Merry Christmas!!!! May you all feel the presence of Christ within in deep meditations…:)

    Joy to you all,


  24. I’m reading this on Christmas Day in New Zealand. It’s so inspiring. I love seeing the statue of Jesus and the Christmas Altar – reminds me of Christmas’ at Ananda; and the ‘Guiding Lights’ are eternally relevant reminders of right living! Blessings to all my Ananda family at Christmas. In Master, Bhakti.

  25. Let one who seeks not stop seeking until one finds.
    When one finds, one will be disturbed.
    When one is disturbed, one will be amazed, and will reign over all.
    — Yeshua bar Yosef —-

    I look upon all creatures equally; none are less dear to me and none more dear. But those who worship me with love live in me, and I come to life in them.
    —-Sri Krishna—-

    Thank you for your service

  26. that is LIGHT and LOVE and GUIDANCE. thank you milion ania

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