Our progress here in the Pune community has been steady these past weeks. We hosted two retreats in October: one for future residents, and one to celebrate All Saints Day:  “How to Become a Saint.”

Pune Community

Ananda Pune residents

All the members of Ananda Pune put out a lot of effort to make both retreats wonderful. The weekend for future residents was lots of fun: people were able to see the upcoming building site for their flats, and the view their particular apartment will have. We had a satsang under the mango trees; we will build around them, so that they aren’t disturbed.
Pune Community

The future Guest Retreat

The peace and quiet were tangible, and the blessing ceremony at the site was filled with Master’s presence. At last! A World Brotherhood Colony is manifesting in Ygananda’s beloved homeland…

Afterward we visited Bangalore for a weekend of programs with the devotees there. Aditya, Shurjo, Shrutika, and Katyayani taught many segments of the classes, and it was wonderful to see Indians sharing Master’s teachings so beautifully.
View of the distant hills

Peaceful view of the distant hills

Our “How to Become a Saint” retreat featured classes with Nayaswami Jaya, Nirmala and Dharmadas, a kirtan with Ananda monks, delicious meals, service projects in the garden, and lots of time to enjoy nature.
Brahmachari Jemal

Brahmachari Jemal giving a class

In November we will celebrate the seventh anniversary of Ananda India. Amazing! By God’s grace Ananda India has been changing lives and spreading the blessing of Kriya Yoga for 7 years! JAI GURU!

Doctor Aditya

Doctor Aditya and the garden

We will soon open two stores! Our Indian devotees have formed a business cooperative, and rented two storefronts in Karoude, a small town about 3 km away.One store will be called “Fruits of Ananda,” and will offer coffee, ice cream, soft drinks, delicacies, and our Ananda books. It will eventually have products made by the community businesses (like mango chutney!), and will also be like a smaller version of our Wishing Tree store near Ananda Gurgaon center in the north of India.
Future storefronts
The other storefront will be a medical clinic and chemist shop run by Dr. Aditya.

Future Ananda storefronts

Rather than being out on the land, as we had originally thought, the clinic will now be in a more central location, and can serve more people. It will be very good for Ananda to have a presence “in town.”

The two storefronts are on the road to Lavasa, a new modern city coming up a half hour away from the community.

Hezequiel and Barequiel

Hezequiel and Barequiel

The blue container that we put on the land to house the clinic has turned into Jemal’s new solar lab, and the two brothers staying with us from Uruguay, are helping Jemal with the solar project.


Landscaping below Swami Kriyananda’s house

Daily improvements are being made in the existing cluster: landscaping, planting, repairing monsoon damage, cleaning, and gardening. Every day it gets better. Soon we will start sculpting out the small amphitheater and courtyard between the staff cabins and Swami Kriyananda’s house.
Come and see us!

Blessings, aum, Nirmala

Nayaswami Dharmadas and Nirmala, Spiritual Directors of Ananda India


  1. Dear Nirmalaji,

    So nice of you to share all this. It is really quite pleasurable to see the current developments! The land is indeed quite energized now…..
    We send you all the best wishes and success!

    Jai Guru…..In Joy….

    ˙·٠•●♥ ॐ ॐ ॐ ♥●•٠·˙

  2. Dear Nirmala ji, Namaste!

    Thanks for the updates on our World Brotherhood Colony. Many thanks and love to the great souls who are working directly and indirectly to make the Master’s vision true.

    May God & Gurus bless you always!

    – Joy

  3. blank

    Sri Sri Nirmala, thank you for this powerful and uplifting post. My heart is with you, as you serve Master there in our beautiful India! Swami Vijay sends his love, as do I!
    In our Beloved,

  4. Dear Nayaswami Nirmala and hello to dear Brindey also,
    Master must be very pleased with all of those in Ananda Pune! This is an informative and beautiful clip! We appreciate your precious communications and thank you so much!
    Hezequiel, shown in the pictures(and one with his brother)is an amazingly spiritual and brilliant young man. He was at the Expanding Light a couple of years ago when I happened to have had the privilege of meeting him. In just a very short visit to The Village he afterward wrote a most comprehensive and inspiring report. In a talk with Swamiji, he said he was going to go to Ananda Pune and there he is!
    …and Brahmachari Jemal, Master’s pillar of the monks (as Swamiji was at Mt. Washington) and a shining star! We are most proud of all of you!
    May the Master eternally bless you!

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