Dharmadas and his wife, Nirmala, have toured N. America, Europe, and India since the 1970s giving vocal, chanting and instrumental performances. They have created and directed Ananda choirs on three continents, and performed live for Pope John Paul II and a large audience at the Vatican in 1989.

They performed on daily national TV in India on a pre-recorded program with Swami Kriyananda from 2004-2009, and have created many recordings of Swami Kriyananda and Yogananda’s music. Both of them have given lessons in spiritual music therapy, chanting, and vocal training since the early 1980s.

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Good Will and Magnetism

Swamiji gives the key to the answer in the reading itself: A principle of magnetic interchange between people is that the stronger magnet always influences the weaker, never the reverse. Unless your inner strength is great, never think yourself capable ... Read More

Does the Soul Require Kriya Yoga?

The soul does not require Kriya or any other technique to achieve freedom, but it is certainly a great help. Ultimately what frees us is God’s grace and our ability to offer our energy and devotion completely to God through ... Read More

What Is it to Dissolve the Ego?

Those are big questions – much of the spiritual path relates to overcoming or dissolving the limitations of ego. To “dissolve the ego” means to identify with the soul, not with the body and personality. That’s easy to say – ... Read More

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