How to Evoke Love for God?


I have read that when we chant continously the name of God. The love for the name takes birth then the mind starts to cry in the seperation of Lord and after that we can get darshan of God.

How to evoke love for God so that my mind also starts crying in the joy and the seperation of God then seeing the divine would be possible?

—roby, India


In a way, you answered your own question. Chanting the name of God continuously requires a significant level of commitment – which is another way of saying deep love for God.

But if you try, even a little bit, to chant God’s name, you’ll find that love for God beginning to grow in your heart. In time the mind naturally starts crying for God’s presence more and more. And as your cry for God becomes more magnetic, and your heart more and more pure, you will see God. It is not easy to see God in this world, but it is possible with continuous, deep longing and calling.

Nayaswami Dharmadas