What Is it to Dissolve the Ego?


When the teachers say,

—Paige, US


Those are big questions – much of the spiritual path relates to overcoming or dissolving the limitations of ego.

To “dissolve the ego” means to identify with the soul, not with the body and personality. That’s easy to say – but not so easy to do!

Meditation practiced with devotion teaches us through our own experience that we are much more than the body. We each have a body in which to live and through which we can learn and grow. With time our awareness grows and our identity gradually shifts from small “self” to large “Self” or “soul.” It is a complete process that includes spiritualizing daily life on all levels.

One reason it isn’t easy to identify with the soul is because from birth we’ve developed the habit of relating to the world around us through our body and senses. We think we are the person we see in the mirror each morning. Sooner or later, by one means or another, we have to break that habit. That’s what meditation and the spiritual path are about.

Ask yourself – who would you be if you had no name and no body? You would be your soul – a spark of the divine! And you would know your true identity as boundless, ever-new joy.