How Toddlers Teach Us

The road to the nursery school follows a steep ridge at the western boundary of the village. At the top of that hill, a panoramic view is favored by sunset watchers. In the evenings, star watchers come here to observe the heavens as we spin through space. The interconnectedness of our little lives can be felt in expansive vistas. From … Read More

The Questionless Realm of Inner Joy

My mother used to tell me, “the dumbest question is the one not asked.” I’m finally starting to take her advice! So I have some questions: Who am I? What is my life’s purpose? What is it all for? Have you ever asked yourself these kind of questions? At Ananda during our “Festival of Light” we say: Thank you, Swami Kriyananda, for writing the “Festival of Light” because it expresses the wordless anguish of my heart. Of course, we want …

The Secret of Right Action

Recently, while Nayaswamis Jyotish and Devi visited Los Angeles, I had a powerful and humbling dream. Many times my dreams give me a hint (or in this case a knockout punch) as to what effort I need to be putting out for my spiritual growth. The dream setting was a beautiful temple during a Kriya Yoga Initiation. Narayan and I had the honor of serving as blessers during the ceremony, along with Jyotish and Devi. Narayan was there, Jyotish and …

Cell Phone Yama Sutras

One time I lamented to Swami Kriyananda that I couldn’t see light in meditation. I felt like I was a lackluster meditator. He told me, “It’s good to see the light. But if you don’t, concentrate on that aspect of God that you do experience.” This was a helpful answer for me at the time as I was struggling then (as I am still now!) with restlessness in my meditation. How do we battle restlessness in meditation? A few years …

What We Give to God Comes Back to Us a Thousandfold

When Lord Krishna played the role of a boy chela in the Avanti ashram of Guru Sandipani, He formed an intimate friendship with His fellow disciple Sudama, a Brahmin boy so impoverished that his clothing was in tatters, and so free of material attachment that he paid no attention. He was affectionately known as Kuchela, meaning “poverty-stricken” or “dressed in … Read More

“The Whirling Rainbow” – Prophecy

About eight years ago at Ananda Village Swami Kriyananda dedicated a piece of land (called Sunset Ridge) for a temple site. I was part of the group. Right after Swamiji dug up a ceremonial piece of earth, we looked up to the sun and noticed something spectacular. I’d never seen it before (or since). It was a full circle rainbow around the circumference of the sun. I had forgotten this experience until Nayaswami Jyotish shared during Swami Kriyananda’s birthday celebration …

Wisdom of The Heart

Wisdom is the power of the soul to know truth. By thinking with the rational mind, we will not be able to comprehend truth. It is through the heart that we perceive and understand the deepest truths. As we get in touch with the heart, calm feeling will inspire our thoughts and behavior to right action. Reason tends to analyze, … Read More

The Infectious Ease of Joy

Having spent the last week at Ananda Village for the Kriyaban retreat, I got an infection! But it’s not the kind you think. It’s the infectious ease of joy. The divine friendships, beautiful environment, inspirational talks, uplifting music, and deep kriya meditations have transmitted a touch of joy upon my soul. I hope to transmit it to you too! Why did God create our world and the universe? It’s a question that has puzzled many for millenia. The traditional answer …

Dealing with Restlessness and Worldly Desires: The Fifth Chakra Challenge

Recently a fellow-disciple asked me, “What should we do when we feel restless, spiritually ‘dry,’ out of tune, or when we feel strongly drawn back into worldly desires?’ I will discuss in this blog what I did when these kinds of feelings first “ambushed” me, and also, what others have done when finding themselves in similar situations. For I believe … Read More

Pascal and the Poor

Blaise Pascal was an influential French scientist who lived in the 1600s. At age twelve, before he had received any formal training in geometry, Pascal independently discovered and demonstrated Euclid’s thirty-two propositions. It’s not surprising, then, that as an adult Pascal would complete important works on mathematics and experimental physics. He made important contributions to geometry and calculus, and helped develop … Read More

How Can We Grow Spiritually?

When Paramhansa Yogananda came to America in 1920, he spent fifteen years working extremely hard to get his mission started, while facing many difficult tests along the way. When he felt that it was on a firm foundation, he returned to India to see his guru, Sri Yukteswar, and his many Indian friends, disciples, and […]

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Seeing the Best in Every One

“Nothing in the world is so strong as a kind heart, and somehow this kind little heart, though it was only the heart of a child, seemed to clear all the atmosphere of the big gloomy room and make it brighter.” Walking alone into the presence of his grandfather, the formidable Earl of Dorincourt, Cecil Errol, age seven, has been … Read More

Overcoming FOMO by Going Loco for LOBO!

My next door neighbor has two dogs, Aimos and Biggie. Ironically, Aimos is bigger than Biggie! He’s a short haired Saint Bernard weighing about 150 pounds. Biggie is a smaller English bulldog. Whenever I go to pet Biggie, Aimos will butt in (literally) so he can be petted. He does not like being left out! He uses his weight and size to steal affection from us. He has what is known as FOMO (fear of missing out). I’ve realized after …

A Handbook of Discipleship by Swami Kriyananda in Hindi

You can now buy Swami Kriyananda’s book on disicpleship in Hindi online. Learn About: The need for a guru The disciple’s role Life with a spiritual master Attunement with the guru Discipleship to Paramhansa Yogananda Buy Book

The Garden of Inner Meditation

Great soul, A fruit tree produces a lot of fruit one year, but only a little the next. Meditation is similar: sometimes it is enjoyable and produces delicious fruit; sometimes there is no fruit, no enjoyment, no inner contact. Yet – fortunately so – even when our meditations are only moderately fruitful, they still produce an abundance of benefits, both … Read More

Transcending Suffering

Have you ever gotten food poisoning? After eating out the other week, I was feeling sick to my stomach. When we got home Dharmadevi gave me some Goldenseal tincture which is a healing herb. I’ll spare you the unpleasant details. Suffice it to say even though my soul wanted to march on, my body went down for the count! I hammed up my role as the sick person and jokingly started to seek self-pity. I asked Dharmadevi, “Did you tell …