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I would like to share with you a marvelous visualization we have been using at Ananda Village for lessening (and even transcending) the intensity of karmic challenges. This visualization was inspired by our study of Swami Kriyananda’s course, Success and Happiness Through Yoga Principles. Since Ananda members have found this visualization so beneficial, I thought you might find it useful, too.

“To overcome karma,” Paramhansa Yogananda said, “meet it calmly and pleasantly.” Too often, however, we resist rather than embrace our karmic tests. We forget that whatever comes to us is coming directly from God. Swami Kriyananda has told us, “Karma is an expression of divine love.” Karmic circumstances are a gift, especially crafted by God and designed for our growth and liberation.

Years ago, I had a major illness for 3 1 years. It was an extremely challenging time for my wife and me. Fortunately, during the last 8 months of the illness, I was able to see what a great gift the illness was and I was deeply thankful to God for the soul lessons I had learned. Interestingly, years later after I had recovered from the illness, a psychic told me during her reading of my life, that it was uncommon to see someone make such a dramatic change in one lifetime. She said this transformation was due to my friend – the illness I had had for 3 1 years.

Accepting with love and faith whatever God sends us is the fastest way of moving through karmic challenges, because we attune to the process more deeply. “When you accept reality as it is, your energy becomes positive,” says Swami Kriyananda, “and that positive attitude will help you transform failure into success.” What appears to be a disaster in your life can be your greatest blessing.

The highest form of accepting reality is seeing that it is God who comes to you through all your life experiences. Seeing God as the real doer in your life can turn the despair or pain you might feel due to challenging karma into loving faith and courage.


When you face challenging or intense karma, use the following visualization to feel God’s loving presence in the situation. You can also use this visualization before meditation and during the day to free you from something that is troubling you.

People have reported immediate and transforming changes in their consciousness and outer life after using this visualization because it has helped them become more receptive and positive:

“After doing the visualization twice, once at the start of my morning meditation and once in the evening, I felt a significant lifting of a karmic challenge that I know is coming my way. I felt my body relax and the tension in my lower back release. The fear I felt over this impending challenge has greatly lessened. I’m certain that as I continue to do the visualization it will disappear entirely.

“As I do the visualization, I remember that the karma that comes to me is already greatly mitigated by the guru’s loving help. When I receive the gift of karma from him I take it into my heart and then fold my hands over my heart in prayerful gratitude.

“I’m doing this visualization regularly and absolutely love it. There is great power in it.”

~ J.S., Palo Alto, California

Embracing Your Karma Visualization

Karma is an expression of divine love.

Everything that comes to us is made especially for us by God—to free us from all limitations.

Visualize God as the Divine Mother, standing before you.
(You can visualize Yogananda or another saint if you prefer.)

See Her eyes gazing deeply into your own, filling you with Her love.
Know that She is with you, always.

Think now of a karma that is challenging for you.

See Divine Mother holding before you this karmic test. See Her smile as she reaches out and offers this test to you with loving-kindness.
Reach out your arms and take hold of this karma.
Bring this karmic challenge into your heart.

Accept this precious gift—sent from the Wisdom of the Universe.
Know that it is a perfect gift, sent by Divine Mother, to help your soul become free.

In your heart embrace this karmic test fully, with gratitude and trust.
This karma can help you raise your energy level and consciousness to where your Godly nature resides.

Focus now at the point between the eyebrows.
See yourself rising to meet this karmic test and transcending its limitations.

See yourself becoming free in God.
Feel the bliss of being united with Spirit.

Sharing Nature Worldwide

Do you enjoy the expansiveness of nature and the stillness felt in beautiful and wild places?

For many years I have written nature awareness books to help children and adults feel the joy of nature. The exercises in my books have become well used and loved all over the world. I thought you might enjoy reading how I’ve used the principles of meditation and universal awareness to help people have a more inspiring experience of their inner and outer nature.

To learn more about Sharing Nature, read the Sharing Nature Worldwide 30th anniversary booklet (PDF).

May you always feel the guidance and loving presence of God.

In Divine Joy,
Bharat Cornell

Ananda Meditation Ministry
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Nevada City, CA 95959
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  1. I know the the law of attraction and law of karma. In law of attraction, is visualisation process is also considered as karma?

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