Nayaswami Bharat (Joseph Cornell) has helped people experience inner peace through his meditation and nature awareness work for thirty years. He has written six “Sharing Nature” books that have been published in twenty foreign languages and have “sparked a worldwide revolution in nature education.” Millions of people around the world have enjoyed his joyful and inspiring nature writings and workshops.

Bharat is also author of the book, AUM: The Melody of Love. He is a kriyacharya (authorized to give kriya initiation). Bharat and his wife, Nayaswami Anandi, live at Ananda Village. Bharat serves also as the head of the Nayaswami Order.

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Answers to Spiritual Questions

Smelling Incense While Meditating

Dear Pankaj, There isn’t a direct correlation between the AUM technique and smelling incense. However, since everything emanates from the Cosmic Vibration, I can see how smelling it could happen. On the spiritual path there are many different kinds of ... Read More

How Can I Take the Pilgrim Vow of Intention?

One can take the Pilgrim vow of intention without taking Kriya Yoga initiation, because being a disciple of Yoganandaji is not a requirement for joining the Nayaswami Order. Swami Kriyananda sees the Nayaswami Order being for all devotees. We encourage ... Read More

Help for novice meditators

Dear Eliott, Listening to music does inspire us, but Paramhansa Yogananda did say that when we are listening to music during meditation, part of our life force or concentration is drawn outwards in order to hear a physical sound. If ... Read More

Kriya Yoga and Buddhism

Dear Avin, Your Buddhist faith does not disqualify you from Kriya Yoga initiation. However, the Kriya Yoga technique does require on the meditator’s part a receptive openness and love for Paramhansa Yogananda and our other lineage of gurus. Kriya isn’t ... Read More

Meditation Posture

Dear Friend, I would try sitting upright for just a short period of your meditation. This will help to strengthen your muscles and allow you to sit upright more comfortably. You can also put a pillow on your chair and ... Read More

Feeling a Headache While Looking at the Spiritual Eye

Your friend is probably physically tensing her muscles while she is concentrating at the spiritual eye. She should “concentrate” on gazing at the spiritual eye with relaxation. I would suggest having her feel that she is looking from the medulla ... Read More

How can I establish a regular meditation routine?

Dear Will, Meditation, by getting us in touch with greater joy, love and harmony, blesses everything we do because we are living more in the consciousna of God and our true nature. Think of having more quality in your life ... Read More

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