How can I establish a regular meditation routine?


I have a horrible habit of procrastination. I have never been able to establish a regular meditation routine, for some thirty years. How can I disrupt this habit, if I can't even make time to meditate?

—Will, Southern California


Dear Will,

Meditation, by getting us in touch with greater joy, love and harmony, blesses everything we do because we are living more in the consciousna of God and our true nature. Think of having more quality in your life rather than quanity. Take time to get in touch with that which will beautify your whole life, and that is meditation and attunement with God.

Swami Kriyananda, as busy as he is, has said he will never do anything if it means he will lose his inner peace. Because he has done this, he has been a great source of tremendous inspiration to the world, and has accomplish much more than if he would have acted out of restlessness.

What can you do specifically? Start creating the habit of meditation and it will be easier. For example, say, “Before I eat dinner, I will meditate.” Then keep this promise, even if it is for 5 minutes. Soon you will want to do more than five minutes and you will find yourself meditating longer. I know of a father of three young boys who were so excited to see him after work, that my friend would stop a block away from home, and meditate in his car for 15 minutes, then go to his home to see his children, which he dearly loved. He knew once he was home, he wouldn’t have the chance to meditate.

Also, try to be around other meditators who have a consistent practice. Good company is extremely important. Go on a meditation retreat every so often, and attend group meditation practices as much as possible.

May God bless your efforts to meditate and draw you ever closer to His peace and joy.

In divine friendship,