Meditation Posture


I can only feel comfortable and relaxed when I set slouching. Whenever I sit perfectly upright I feel knots of tension in my stomach and mind which prevents me from meditating. Any advice?

—andrew, us


Dear Friend,

I would try sitting upright for even just a short period of your meditation. This will help to strengthen your muscles and allow you to sit upright more comfortably.

You can also put a pillow on your chair and use it to tilt your upper body so that it is easier to keep your spine upright. Also, doing yoga postures will help you to strengthen your back.

Many people feel uncomfortable sitting upright when they begin to meditate but this is overcome as they continue to meditate. Hopefully this will be your experience, too.

There is an excellent guiding film on on how to sit comfortably in meditation. An article about the meditation posture also includes the video.

In divine friendship,