As yoga teachers, it is wise to reflect on our passion to practice and sharYoga-classe yoga. Practicing yoga, sharing yoga: the two are interdependent. None of us would be driven to teach if we didn’t find our own practice inspiring. Therefore, our first need is intentionally to keep our own yoga practice joyful, inspired, and vibrant —so we can infuse our teaching with the same qualities. And of course, we cannot limit our practice to the yoga mat. Our attitudes, lifestyle, and meditation practice are essential ingredients in the recipe for our happiness and fulfillment.

Just as each soul in creation is unique, so too our reasons for teaching may vary widely. But when traced back to their essence, our reasons are the same. Sanaatan Dharma, the “eternal religion,” tells us that our true nature is bliss and, as Swami Kriyananda has said, “The nature of bliss is to expand itself.” All our passion for teaching then, and for life itself, is to find joy, and to share it with others. When we make this truth a priority in our life, everything falls into place.

Thus our directive as teachers is a joyful one. In posture or pranayama, yoga therapy or mBadri-namasteeditation, and in everyday life, our ultimate goal is to impart divine joy. We can do this with a smile, an act of kindness, and a joyful, compassionate heart in our work, relationships, and play.

Spontaneous, sustained, and great is the happiness we find when, with faith and dedication, we approach our yoga teaching and life this way. Gradually, like thousands of dancing flames of light across the earth, our divine joys together illumine and ignite hearts, minds, and souls everywhere with God-conscious Joy. As Paramhansa Yogananda said in his poem “Samadhi”: “From joy I came, for joy I live, in sacred joy I melt.”


  1. Excellent approach by Badri Matlock.Yoga teaching or practicing should be fun and passion.When we practice,we feel connected inside and learn to teach with passion and love.Yoga is not one or two hours class,it is a way of life,patience,peace,serenity teach us humility and being humble we feel the prsence of God.We must stay open minded and learn from our senior teachers and yoga gurs.Thanks for sharing your wisdom Badri Matlock.Namaste and Blessings.

  2. I feel blessed to be a Ananda Yoga teacher, but my approach is always to be a good student as well.I learn every day from my senior teachers, yoga works, attending workshops, seminars and teaching # Local Community classes to the clients who can’t afford to pay for the club dues.I learn through variety of sources to enhance my teaching skills.Yoga is not just a History class, it has to be taught with spirituality, which comes from the heart.Ananda yoga taught me to connect internally and pray for the well being of others.Forgiveness,release negativity and we add positive vibrations among students, family and among Community around us.Yoga teaching has brought passion, fulfillment,joy and peace in my life and I enjoy every day more and more.I just turned 77 years young and I feel more stronger with my asanas and philosophy of yoga.Namaste

  3. Badri Matlock has great attitude to teach and I feel blessed to be part of Ananda yoga teaching program.I try to attend yoga classes wherever I travel.Every teacher has to be a good student.

  4. Teaching Ananda yoga is my passion.I enjoy practicing and teaching.Most of my students are coming to my classes for years and I am blessed with their positive energy and attitude.Badri Matlock is dedicated teacher, his words are inspiring and he is a good role model to me. Every teacher need to be a good student.Ananda teachers are wonderful.

  5. I cherish the teachings of Ananda yoga that is why I graduated from Ananda yoga school.Simple asanas, more focus on breath and Meditation.Badri Matlock is wonderful Ananda yoga teacher and I enjoy reading about his techniques.Thanks and Blessings

  6. I am always blessed to read variety of articles.This morning I was lucky to read Nayaswami Gyandev McCord’s article.Very educational the reason of pause, made me so much aware to explain to my students.Why we pause, one day I was teaching young kids with their parents and one of the child questioned Mother ‘does teacher forget” we pause for some specific reasons.Thanks Badri Matlock for your guidance and sharing your wisdom. Namaste

  7. Ananda yoga classes teach us variety of asanas, pranayama & meditation.I graduated 2004 & feel blessed every day to integrate my physical, mental & spiritual aspects connected.Balance of internal & external connection is a blessing. Focusing on slow deep nose breathing, inward & upward add positive energy & exhale through nose release tension or negative emotions.We experience inner bliss & joy which adds calmness to the mind.#Nayaswami Diksha & Nayaswami Gyandev McCord along with #Badri Matlock has special passion of teaching.I am very grateful to them. Thanks Ananda Yoga spiritual instructors for making the world better place with your teachings.

  8. As our true nature is bliss, to maintain bliss we must keep practicing with the inner connection of our soul. International yoga month celebration means practice yoga from your heart & soul, be passionate about your teachings & connect with students. Ananda yoga taught me to maintain energy upward & inward. Calming the mind & enjoying relaxation. Practicing yoga, we should try to nurture whole body, means cells , heart & muscles harmonizing with breath & feeling inner bliss When we feel connected with our mind, body & soul, we feel blessed & the grace of God make us complete.#COVID-19 made us aware, every thing is in God’s hands. Surrender to His will & help each other. Ananda yoga taught me forgiveness & unconditional love which I am passing on to my students through teachings. Thanks respected Badri Matlock for inspiring us. Namaste

    1. Almost a year back on international yoga day, I taught my class LNRC out door at the Balcony & felt blessed to help my students to release stress & add mental calmness. This year again students had concern about COVID.My message was simple to them ,keep practicing yoga & helping others any way you can & God will help you.@badri Matlock is devoted to Ananda yoga teachings & I follow the same path.Master is watching us & sending us messages through vibrations, everything will be OK. NAMASTE Badri Matlock.

  9. Thanks to Ananda yoga teachers, graduated 2003 blessed by @Gyandev & Diksha mcCord & many other staff members.Teaching is my passion as taught by Ananda yoga spiritual teachers to stay humble & practice deep nose breathing upward & inward ,creating space & adding relaxation.Martial arts training helped me to root myself & Ananda yoga guidance to stay engaged from the core & spine. Badri Matlock’s teachings are simple & his guidance is very humble.Blessed by Master & Ananda staff Expanding Light.

  10. Feels blessed to be part of Ananda yoga Group.Inner bliss through yoga breath & asanas.Spine is main component & breath travels through that breath upward & inward.Following simple steps of yoga engaging breath.Teaching Ananda yoga for the last 2i years & practice every day with my family & friends.Grateful to Nayaswami Gyandev,@Nayaswami Diksha McCord. Badri Matlock & many many other wonderful teachers.Expanding Light Retreat is my second home & Ananda village family is my own.Happy New Year 2024 to all Ananda yoga staff.

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