Badri Matlock lives at Ananda Village, where he currently works in community management, moonlights as a guest teacher for The Expanding Light and elsewhere, and directs the Ananda Village Internship program. His Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Kinesiology from Cal State Long Beach has never been particularly useful to him, but he appreciates the flow of all things in life.

While dedication to the spiritual life is his greatest passion, he loves family, community, music, surfing, and sports. He is known for his energetic presence and his love of service and having fun. He lives at Ananda Village with his wife, Gita, and children, Tulsi and Jay.

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Answers to Spiritual Questions

Meditation and Activity

Dear Piyush, Thank you for your question. Yes, it is okay to practice meditation after a workout, even a hectic one. In fact, anytime is a good time for meditation. However it bears reflecting on what we are trying to ... Read More

Yoga Techniques for Social Anxiety

Dear Martin, Thank you for your inquiry. Anyone who asks sincerely for help in any field of life, looking towards the yoga teachings of Self-realization, is on the right track to receive some form of divine guidance or blessing. So ... Read More

Techniques for Self-Realization

Dear Namrata, Thank you for your question. Your devotional zeal is inspiring, and reflects the soul’s longing in everyone, to reunite with Spirit. Your questions all point to one answer: how? The answer is simple, but not easy: yoga. Yoga ... Read More

Positive Thinking

Dear Apoorv Singh Karki, Thank you for your question. Negativity is a powerful force that everyone in the world is subject to at one time or another. When negative thoughts arise, your suggestion of using mantra or positive thinking as ... Read More

Startled Dog Behavior

Dear Jessica, Thank you for your inquiry, rather unusual in nature though it is. Inasmuch as everything in life is truly imbued with spirituality, it may be said to be a spiritual question. Otherwise, unless there is some supernatural information ... Read More

Finding Spiritual Friends

Dear Nyle, Thank you for reaching out. Your dilemma is a common one.  If necessary, the earnest spiritual seeker must be willing to leave behind friendships, habits and environments that do not serve his spiritual welfare. Feeling isolation, a lack ... Read More

Why Are We Here?

Dear Vishwas, and seekers everywhere, I am sorry, we all face doubts and uncertainty in life sometimes. It is an unfortunate circumstance of our existence. It is, however, spiritually speaking, exactly what is needed for our further growth and to ... Read More

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