Spiritual Renewal Week 2021 Recordings Now Available

Take time to relax and renew your inner life with the recordings of the second-ever entirely online Spiritual Renewal Week, held in June and July of 2021, and explore Paramhansa Yogananda’s approach to The Road Ahead.

(Unlike previous years, this Spiritual Renewal Week is not available for free.)

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Spiritual Renewal Week is an annual event traditionally held in summer at Ananda Village, where devotees from all over the world have gathered for inspiration and spiritual friendship at The Expanding Light Retreat. The mornings are filled with classes by some of our most knowledgeable and experienced teachers, and the evenings are filled with music, theater, and international celebration.

Many of this year’s events will be broadcast live from around the world, available streaming and recorded. A number of global presentations recorded for the occasion will complete the program of remarkable inspiration. Watch through Online with Ananda. In the sidebar find links for classes and events from our most recent Spiritual Renewal Week (also known as SRW) and from years prior.

There’s Joy in the Heavens – Concert for Spiritual Renewal Week at Ananda Village – June 30, 2021

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Concert at Ananda Village and with songs contributed by other Ananda Choirs around the world on June 30th, 2021 The theme of this year’s SRW concert is joyful celebration: we’ve been through a difficult time, but there’s great joy in knowing we weathered the storm and are able to (gradually) start singing together once again! The music of Ananda is … Read More