Arjuna’s Greatest Battle – Stories from the Mahabharata

Story telling with Murali Venkatrao India is a land where wonderous tales of heroes, villains, magical weapons, gods, demons and damsels are used as a means to convey deep scriptural truths. The greatest of these stories is that of an epic war between cousins. Known as the Mahabharata, it is war that as unnecessary as it is inevitable. The hero of this … Read More

The Descent of the Ganga River

Join Murali for an evening of inspiration and joy as he captures the symbology of the holy river Ganga. A world renowned storyteller, Murali enraptures his audience with the pure imagery of his spiritually uplifting tales. Watch also his moving story of the origin of the Gayatri Mantra  The Story of King Harishchandra The Story of Shabari

The Story of Dharmavyadha

Watch Murali sharing this inspiring story from the Mahabharata. Special thanks to Ananda Sangha India, who originally posted this as part of a longer talk. Here are more stories told by Murali: The Story of the Origin of the Gayatri Mantra of Enlightenment The Story of King Harishchandra The Descent of the Ganga River If you like to a free … Read More

King Harishchandra: Stories of India with Murali

The famous story from India of Harishchandra, the king who loses all, including his wife and child in following his dharma, illustrating the commitment to God through Truth. Told by Seattle local Bangalore storyteller extraordinaire Murali Venkatrao, who will carry you to ancient and sacred India. This was the Wednesday afternoon satsang at Ananda Village during Ananda’s 50th anniversary celebration … Read More