Meditation and Activity


Is it okay to do meditation after a hectic workout?

—piyush, India


Dear Piyush,

Thank you for your question. Yes, it is okay to practice meditation after a workout, even a hectic one. In fact, anytime is a good time for meditation. However it bears reflecting on what we are trying to achieve with our meditation practice.

Meditation is concentration upon God or one of his Divine aspects. To do this we use techniques to still the body, breath and mind. Exercise can be helpful in this regard, and when any activity is done with the thought of God it can help our meditation practice. But activity that leads to restlessness or attachment to the senses will naturally hinder our efforts to achieve calmness and stillness when we sit to meditate.

So while anytime is a good time to meditate, there are important factors to consider for an optimal sadhana, or spiritual practice. Select times of day such as the early morning, midday, and late afternoon/evening that will support your inner communion with the Divine; make healthy diet and lifestyle choices that will support a well-being of body, breath and mind; and when performing exercise or activity of any kind, think of God and “keep the body fit for God-Realization”, as Paramhansa Yogananda once said.

Many blessings in your meditation and spiritual life,