Why Are We Here?


Hi Namaste,

I have so many doubts & question to ask. please help me to get clarity in human life. Why we are here? what is the purpose of our life and what should be our aim?

—Vishwas, India


Dear Vishwas, and seekers everywhere,

I am sorry, we all face doubts and uncertainty in life sometimes. It is an unfortunate circumstance of our existence. It is, however, spiritually speaking, exactly what is needed for our further growth and to gain the clarity we seek.

Paramhansa Yogananda put it very simple when he stated that everyone in the world is seeking two thing: to gain happiness and to avoid suffering. The very clarity that we seek is therefore the goal. Yogananda also stated that everyone in the world is on the spiritual path, even if they don’t know it. If we are inclined spiritually then, the goal is very clear. Through the science of yoga, aka Self-Realization, we are to develop our meditation practice, daily living attitudes and habits, service, relationships and all other aspects of life with positive orientation towards our own highest potential — towards our spiritual growth or Self-Realization. So the purpose if life is quite simple, but by no means easy.

Perhaps you can quell your doubts and get some questions answered. I hope that you can. And yet, the clarity that you seek will never be found by resolving each of these negative assailants. The real and lasting solution can only be found in developing the corresponding positive qualities in ourself: strength, peace of mind, love, joy, wisdom and so on.

If you have a Guru, follow him with all your heart. If you have a connection with God or any aspect of Spirit, deepen and intensify that connection daily. Utilize the peerless scientific practices of Yoga to achieve results. Above all, develop greater Love and greater Joy in your self, that with increasing clarity you may shine through your eyes, your heart and soul in all that you do in life. May the blessings of the one Spirit, and all the Masters be upon you toward that end.

In divine friendship,