Startled Dog Behavior


So my dog legit basically flew out of bed tonight or so like someone scared the crud out of him and came around the side of my bed looking all around up, down, side to side not responding to when I called his name.. then finally acknowledged I was calling him and came to my hand but he wouldn’t jump back on the bed for about 5 min or so then when he did he sat on my chest for like 15 min.. then he was fine after a little lowkey growling. What do you think happened and why did he act this way?

—Jessica, United States


Dear Jessica,

Thank you for your inquiry, rather unusual in nature though it is. Inasmuch as everything in life is truly imbued with spirituality, it may be said to be a spiritual question. Otherwise, unless there is some supernatural information withheld about the incident with your dog, there appears to be nothing particularly spiritual about it.

As most people know, dogs have a much greater hearing capacity (frequencies up to 60,000 Hz compared to humans 20,000 Hz) and like many animals have instincts which may allow them to sense things (natural disasters, for example) otherwise undetectable to most humans. The most likely explanation for your furry friend’s strange behavior was hearing or sensing something that was alarming, and the subsequent time it took for the animal to resolve this disturbance. Why or what it could have been, I cannot speculate without further circumstantial knowledge about the animal’s temperament, environment and conditions.

Without further speculation, I will however avail myself to offer the following, being the holiday season of universal love and gratitude. Though there are many inexplicable events, circumstances and phenomenon in this world, there is infinitely more to be explained in the pursuit of Spirit. Only by spiritual effort to realize the Self, through yoga meditation or similar devoted practice, does any man, woman or dog :) find the soul-happiness, peace of mind, and Infinite Love of the universe which all are seeking.

I hope I’ve perceived your question in the spirit it was asked, and offered something worthwhile in return. But whatever the nature of your inquiry, or your canine companion’s unusual behavior, it is my sincere wish that this spirit of Universal love, happiness and peace be yours, and be increasingly awakened in the hearts of mankind everywhere.

In divine friendship,