Positive Thinking


What is a positive thought that should be brought in the mind immediately when negativities such as jealousy and insecurities creep in. I repeat a mantra. Is there a positive thought that can be imagined immediately at the moment when I am aware that negativity is creeping in?

—Apoorv Singh Karki, india


Dear Apoorv Singh Karki,

Thank you for your question. Negativity is a powerful force that everyone in the world is subject to at one time or another. When negative thoughts arise, your suggestion of using mantra or positive thinking as a countermeasure is an excellent approach.

What is a positive thought to use in the face of negativity? Generally speaking, the most effective thought is probably some variation of mantra, chanting Aum (the universal, sacred syllable), or japa (chanting some form of God’s name). However the specific application of a certain positive thought or affirmation should be used depending on the nature of the negativity in question.

For example, you mentioned jealousy and insecurity. Jealous thoughts or feelings should immediately be supplanted with thoughts of gratitude, generosity and goodwill. A creeping feeling of insecurity could perhaps be best substituted with feelings of trust and faith in God, in God’s will and Love.

The art and science of Raja Yoga gives ample philosophy, attitudes of mind, and practical techniques to combat the very real and conscious force of negativity in this world. The practices of meditation, devotional chanting and affirmation are particularly useful in this regard. In the latter category, Paramhansa Yogananda’s Scientific Healing Affirmations and Swami Kriyananda’s Affirmations for Self-Healing are two excellent resources to consider.

In any case, your question is a practical, useful and appropriate inquiry for anyone interested in spiritual growth, health and healing, and more peace and happiness in daily life. Perhaps the very greatest technique of all, generally speaking, is to Love. By loving others as extensions of own selves, and of God, the source of all Love, we find the forces of negativity receding, and the all-powerful Divine Light and Love of the universe shining ever more brightly in our lives.

Many blessings on your path.

In divine friendship,