Techniques for Self-Realization


How to get the inner peace and joy? How to come out of all fears and anxieties? My soul cries for the search of God. What practices should I follow to meet my Almighty Father?

—Namrata, India


Dear Namrata,

Thank you for your question. Your devotional zeal is inspiring, and reflects the soul’s longing in everyone, to reunite with Spirit. Your questions all point to one answer: how? The answer is simple, but not easy: yoga. Yoga is the science of merging soul with Spirit. In your own lovely words, yoga brings peace and joy, dispels fears and anxieties, and brings about contact with the Almighty Father.

Now then, yoga practice is as broad and deep as the vast oceans on planet earth and beyond. Where to begin? The best place is to follow the yoga techniques prescribed by your Guru, should you be fortunate enough to have one. Otherwise, Paramhansa Yogananda, our own Guru and a universal master as well, offers techniques and teachings as an optimal place to start. He expresses the spritual science of Kriya Yoga as an all encompassing teaching of both techniques and lifestyle.

The techniques are four in number: Energization Exercises, Hong-Sau, Aum technique, and Kriya Yoga. All can be readily learned through Ananda or another qualified teacher. Consistent, devotional practice is key. The lifestyle of the kriya yogi consists of positive, spiritual attitudes, and right living on all levels: diet, relationships, work, and so on.

I hope that this is helpful to you, and that you can channel your devotional enthusiasm and longing towards a fruitful pursuit of the greatest goal in life, Self-realization. Many blessings on your path.

In divine friendship,