Finding Spiritual Friends


I have begun a spiritual path in my late school years. I have transformed and friends whom I once spent time with no longer resonate with my path. I have begun to feel isolated. In other words, it seems that people of my age are on a very different path. With that, I find it very difficult to connect deeply with others of my age on the level that I seek. I have begun to do yoga, but there are seldom other people my age. How does one cultivate friendships of like-minded beings at a young age?

—Nyle, USA


Dear Nyle,

Thank you for reaching out. Your dilemma is a common one.  If necessary, the earnest spiritual seeker must be willing to leave behind friendships, habits and environments that do not serve his spiritual welfare. Feeling isolation, a lack of spiritual support and a lack of shared values with peers is also not uncommon.

Here are two possible solutions, one more spiritual and the other practical. The first is to cultivate a deeper relationship with God and make Him your best friend. Ask Him to help draw spiritual friendships into your life. Perhaps you’re already doing this, but perhaps there are ways to do it more? If you already meditate or pray, you can meditate deeper, longer and pray more. By doing this you will generate more magnetism to attract to you those friends who will support your spiritual life.

Secondly, you can begin to cultivate more spiritual relationships with those you do resonate with, regardless of age. What is age anyway?  The soul is ageless. Of course, we naturally resonate with peers but you can also find great spiritual friendship and support from people of any age, nationality, or walk of life.

If you have a connection with Ananda, why not use and to their fullest potential of spiritual resources? There you can develop friends over the internet, perhaps visiting an Ananda community or center to deepen such friendships in person.  Wherever it is you practice yoga, if there are not friends your age, perhaps there are just…friends?

Finally, if you cannot find spiritual support in your life in your current circumstances, perhaps you might consider changing your environment. Once more I suggest that you pray for God, Spirit, and the Divine to guide you on your path.  If spirituality is a high priority for you, it may well be worth considering shifting things around in your life to support that high ideal, and ask for God’s help and guidance to help make that happen. Wherever your path leads you, I wish you Divine blessings and support along the way.

In Friendship,