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The Secret of All Spiritual Success

Belief directed with energy is the secret of all spiritual success. Seek by outer reminders and by an inner expansion of awareness and sympathy to manifest your belief in God.

Clarity Magazine, Spiritual Growth, Success

Balancing Work and Spiritual Life

Paramhansa Yogananda said we should think of work as active meditation and meditation as inward service. In other words, our daily activities and meditation are not separate from each other; they are two aspects of our spiritual path.


5 Secrets to a Balanced Work Life

Someone we work with in the outreach department at Ananda Village has suggested a few times that my husband and I give a program on balancing work and home life, probably because we work together and live together, so naturally we had to find a way to make that work. We haven’t done a program on it yet, but here … Read More

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Cultivating True Prosperity

In today’s western culture, there are so many teachings about how to use spirituality to become materially wealthy. One cannot deny that man has basic needs: food, health, shelter, etc. However, it seems that many, at least occasionally, define their needs according to their desires. Would having enough money to fulfill all our desires really be the great boon that … Read More

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Build Your Character – Build Your Career

Most people worry about what their salary or position will be in the future, but a more valid question would be, “What qualities do I want to have in five years?” Your career is the canvas on which you will create that person.

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Four Exercises for Success and Happiness

1. Calmness: Develop the mental habit of centeredness: Remain always centered in your spine; stand and sit upright; keep your emotions calm by not reacting emotionally to anything.

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How to Bring Joy into Work

As we move more fully into Dwapara Yuga, we can see the first glimmers of a global shift from competition to cooperation. How can we become agents of change, especially at work where competition is still highly rewarded?

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What Is True Self-Confidence?—A Dialogue

Instead of holding the thought hopelessly, “I can’t do that!” I’ve told myself, “Even though I don’t see how I can do that, I know God can do anything, even through the poorest instrument!”

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Leadership: An Essential Role for Everyone

Those who undertake the spiritual life with serious intent come face to face with the principles of supportive leadership—in their own work, in their relations with friends and family, and ultimately in their own inner life.