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Affirmation for Psychological Success

I shall feel Thy energy
Flowing through my hands in activity
Lest I lose Thee
I shall find Thee in activity.

Clarity Magazine, Success

Turn Failure into Success

Often the most successful people are those who have had the most to overcome because they’ve had to put out a great deal of energy to transcend their challenges.

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Training the Mind to Concentrate

If you can concentrate more deeply, your meditations will be more fulfilling and their depth and length will automatically begin to increase.

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How to Know and Do God’s Will

If, in your sincere desire to follow God’s will, you make a mistake, God will correct that mistake. But, always listen and don’t presume.

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Magnetism: The Power of Attraction

Magnetism is the power by which you draw things to yourself. Magnetism of every kind originates in the Infinite Spirit.

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A Great Failure Who Made Success His Slave

Just as there are naturally successful people, so also are there habitual failures. My friend and student, John, was a born failure.

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Getting Things Done: The Right Priorities

We don’t get upset when we keep our consciousness aligned with the Divine. The divine energy flows through us and automatically uplifts our consciousness and everything goes right.

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How To Succeed in Any Line of Work

By developing your concentration and creativity, you can learn to succeed in any field. But it is better to work in a field to which you are instinctively attracted.

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Living in the Spine

When yogis speak of living in the spine, they’re referring to the “astral spine,” the primary channel for life-force in the body.

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The World is What You Make It

The world is a mixture of all kinds of different qualities and opportunities—good, bad, and indifferent—and it’s up to us what we make of them.