Understanding Illness

Sickness is the result of breaking some mental or physical law, either in this life or in a past incarnation. It is your job to free yourself from the shackles of undesirable hereditary tendencies, including habits of ill health.

Understanding Death

Devotees who are unattached to the body, and who have achieved control over the life force, experience no loss of consciousness at death. They move consciously through the spiritual eye and experience what is known as “conscious death.”

The Death of a Son

The secret gift of the loss of a loved one is that you get catapulted into a world of expansive love. Along with feelings of deep human loss, I have experienced the gift of that boundless love.

Transcending the Challenges of Chronic Illness

The emotional and spiritual challenges of an illness are perhaps even harder than the physical. There’s the temptation to fall into self-pity or to be hurt by other people’s impatience or lack of understanding.

Padre Pio and the “Way of the Cross”

People from all walks of life have testified that it was not Padre Pio’s miracles but his Christ-like presence and deep devotion to God that changed their lives.

“Death is Joy!”

“Celebrate!” those were Bella’s last words to her husband and sister before she passed away.

Overcoming Fear Through Cancer

I still remember the day my surgeon called. He said, “It’s breast cancer, the lumpectomy didn’t remove all of the cancer.”