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The Blessings of Heart, Hands & Mind

When we recently visited the tomb of Mother Teresa in Calcutta, we learned of something she said that is pertinent to all devotees. To spiritualize daily life, it’s not enough to meditate and then become absorbed in the busyness of the day. We need to find a way to bring these three elements—heart, hands, and mind—into everything we do. The … Read More

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Bridging the Gap: Personal vs Spiritual Life

This is one of the more commonly asked questions: balancing the spiritual with the personal, everyday life. Somehow, a majority seem to be struggling with this issue; the inability to bring these two aspects of their lives together. But is there really an inherent conflict here? Are these two flows, one spiritual, the other personal, truly contradictory to one another. … Read More

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Prosperity Visualization and Affirmation by Swami Kriyananda

What you can do is limited, but what God can do through you is unlimited, as long as you keep yourself open to that flow. Open yourself to the divine flow of abundance, in this short powerful guided visualization and affirmation on prosperity, by Swami Kriyananda, read by Nayaswami Diksha, at https://www.expandinglight.org/teachers/diksha-mccord.php Thy wealth flows into me and through me. … Read More

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Drawing Power From Pictures

Webinar with Baraquiel, based on Swami Kriyananda’s book “Conversations with Yogananda”. www.anandaindia.org

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Benefits of Art

With talented artist Shamini, from Ananda Mumbai.