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Letters of Encouragement

When I was new at Mt. Washington I was talked into following the “grape cure.” When my Guru, Paramhansa Yogananda, found out about it, he remarked scoldingly that a pure heart is more important than a pure body.

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Building Spiritual Power Against Troubled Times

Each of us has the ability to develop the spiritual power to remain unaffected by the turmoil we find in the world today. Yogananda said that those who follow this path will be protected during difficult times to come.

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The 1976 Ananda Fire

One of the things that touched me so much was to see the real dynamic, joyous determination to build again.

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Aligning Yourself with Spirit

Dwapara Yuga is challenging the old thought forms of Kali Yuga. Our challenge, if we want to be happy, is to align ourselves with what God now wants for the planet.

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Affirmation for Gratitude

I am grateful for my life exactly as it is.

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A Dance of Devotion: The Energization Exercises *

What do you really want from the Energization Exercises? Energy? Vitality? These things by themselves, aren’t really all that satisfying. What we truly want is: energy, vitality, calmness and a sense of inner contact with God.

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Preparing Children for Troubled Times

The age of the child makes a big difference. Children from 6 to 12 are wide open and very vulnerable emotionally, so at our school we shield them as much as possible from the storms and extremes of life.