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Renouncing my little, egoic self,
I expand with my great soul-Self everywhere!

Clarity Magazine, Spiritual Growth

The Inner Musician

I was amazed that I had been keeping a journal as early as age eleven, and that, in my very first year of playing the flute, I was already aware of the power of music to uplift and transform one’s soul.

Clarity Magazine, Spiritual Growth

Overcoming Restlessness

To overcome restlessness, we need to make a strong, conscious effort to focus our thoughts and actions. As long as we habitually skip from one activity to the next, one thought to the next, our restlessness prevents us from experiencing calmness, the doorway to peace and happiness.

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Exploring the Essence of Ananda Yoga™

Above all, the essence of Ananda Yoga™ is attunement to the vibration of Paramhansa Yogananda. If you really want to feel the essence of Ananda Yoga™, call upon Paramhansa Yogananda. Ask for his guidance, and try to tune in to his consciousness.

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Letters of Encouragement

It seems self-evident that different aspects of God fulfill different people. Consider the numerous manifestations of both male and female gods and goddesses in Hindu temples. Each one represents certain combinations of divine qualities, enlivened by the stories that accompany each one.

Clarity Magazine, Spiritual Growth

The Intellect Versus the Heart

Yogananda said that the entire motivation of human behavior is two-fold: to avoid suffering and to achieve happiness. This is so simple that it sounds almost childish. But isn’t that really what everybody is trying to do.

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Letters of Encouragement

All trials are in the last analysis self-generated. God doesn’t will them on us. They come as a result of the misuse of our own will, whether recently or in the distant past.

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Sacred Space

I learned an important thing twenty years ago while being transported to state prison to serve a 25-year-to-life sentence.

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What Is Intuition?

Intuition is that directly perceiving faculty of the soul which at once knows the truth. Errors are made by people who fail to distinguish between a real intuition, and their convictions born of intellectual experience, habit, shrewdness, or the superstition that “because it happened so many times, consequently it will happen always.”

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Moving Energy into Positive Patterns

The liberating concept underlying so much of Yoganananda’s teachings is that we aren’t our habits, our personalities, or even bodies, but WE ARE ENERGY.