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Letters to Truth Seekers

Wherever Master saw the slightest hope, he encouraged people in the paths of righteousness. He never judged them.

Clarity Magazine, Spiritual Growth

We Are Children of the Light

By affirming that you are a child of the light, and by intense effort in meditation, you will go deeper and deeper into your consciousness until suddenly you expose the gold that is your true self.

Clarity Magazine, Spiritual Growth

Spirituality Versus Materialism

Seeing other people, plants, animals, everything as interconnected produces a life very different from one based upon the separation and conflict of the materialist.

Clarity Magazine, Spiritual Growth

Nothing Is Really Dead

As the ocean becomes the waves, so does Spirit become matter. Spirit and matter are the same as the ocean and the waves.

Clarity Magazine, Spiritual Growth

Lessons in Leadership

Swamiji taught me, in ways that I’ll never forget, how to creatively work with people’s strengths, to support the highest potential in others and to respect everyone’s right to learn in their own way.

Clarity Magazine, Spiritual Growth

The Golden Cord of Divine Love

To see the unspoken love and joy shining from the eyes of old friends of Swamiji’s was like getting a glimpse into a realm of eternal friendship.

Clarity Magazine, Spiritual Growth

How to Make Panir

Panir is an integral part of traditional Indian cooking. A soft cheese made from fresh whole milk, it is similar in taste to cottage cheese.

Clarity Magazine, Spiritual Growth

Mr. Roquefort Cheese

Everything went well until the Roquefort cheese was served. I viewed the little green specks of mold with great suspicion. My soul rebelled against it, and my brain cells warned me to have nothing to do with it.