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The Longing to Be Free

Tips for Getting Closer to God from Swami Kriyananda To desire salvation sincerely, even once, is to enter upon the path to eventual freedom. For all desires must be fulfilled. Even so, this one desire, once entrenched in the heart, cannot but lead eventually to liberation.   –The Essence of Bhagavad Gita How to enter meditation Try to center your consciousness … Read More

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The Ever New Joy

Meditation is that level of absorption when one has an actual experience of God, or one of His attributes.  -Swami Kriyananda A friend came to see me recently very discouraged with her lack of progress in meditation. Knowing that she’d been meditating for several years, I wondered what the problem was. “I never see God or the Masters in meditation,” … Read More

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How to Win the “Best Actor Award” in the Cosmic Movie

A significant technological advance during the early years of Paramhansa Yogananda’s life was the motion-picture. Although Paramhansa Yogananda advised his students to not waste time watching too many movies, he often used a movie analogy to explain the central, yet difficult to grasp, yogic teaching that this Creation itself is like one big movie — a play of light and … Read More