Spiritual Growth

From Moments of Truth by Paramhansa Yogananda

To seek happiness outside ourselves is like trying to lasso a cloud. Happiness is not a thing. It is a state of mind. It must be lived.

Spiritual Growth

The Redeeming Light

The inner light, when it comes, heralds a higher state of consciousness. The higher this state, the more complete the inner change.

Spiritual Growth

Always Look to the Light

Never count your faults. Just see that your love for God is deeply sincere. God doesn’t mind your imperfections: He minds your indifference.

Spiritual Growth

Becoming a Saint: The Example of St. Teresa

Teresa helps us to realize we don’t have to wait to know God — that in the hustle and bustle of daily life we can feel and know God’s presence.

Spiritual Growth

Relaxing the Mind

Brain cells get exhausted by too much worry, hard work or thinking. Relaxation is found by changing the focus of your concentration. A hobby, a sport, yoga postures, or a change of environment can all give you real and lasting relaxation.

Spiritual Growth

Bringing Ananda Home

What does it mean to “bring Ananda home?” Returning home after a visit, I’ve felt a longing for what I experienced at Ananda and the desire to try to recreate it.

Spiritual Growth

The Parable of the Good Samaritan

“This is the end,” the merchant thought, thinking he could not survive much longer. But at that moment, he suddenly heard someone else coming down the road.

Spiritual Community, Spiritual Growth

Letters of Encouragement

When we mix with people who are basically positive, it tends to make us strong in ourselves. The company of strong people influences us to discover ways to surmount our own problems.