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Letters of Encouragement

There is only one true goal in life: to please God; to come closer to Him; to love Him; to unite our souls to Him.

Spiritual Growth

The Real Meaning of Ahimsa

Non-injury is necessary as a starting point to achieve deeper states of consciousness. As long as there is any thought of separation between you and the rest of life, there will be tension.

Spiritual Growth

Loving One’s Enemies

Far better to conquer by love the heart of a person who hates you than to vanquish such a one by other means.

Spiritual Growth

The Spineless Cactus

After Master’s passing, vandals broke into the grounds and beat the cactus with sticks. Amazingly, the cactus started growing spines once again.

Spiritual Growth

The Wolf of Gubbio

A crowd, having gathered in the distance saw, much to their amazement, that as Francis spoke, the ravenous beast lowered its head and seemed suddenly tame and docile.

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The Living Vibrations of Saint Francis

Of all the western saints, St. Francis was perhaps the greatest example of ahimsa or non-violence.

Spiritual Growth

Education For Life: Serving in La Paz, Mexico

Ninety youths from age six to twenty-two were living at the orphanage. Our children found their niche by unstintingly giving of themselves to the Mexican children and sharing in their daily lives.

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Letters to Truth Seekers

Wherever Master saw the slightest hope, he encouraged people in the paths of righteousness. He never judged them.