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Rendering Grateful Service

by Michelle Dossett As the end of Ananda Yoga Teacher Training approached, and I realized that it would likely be six weeks before I would have a chance to lead a yoga class or sadhana back home, I wondered if I would get rusty. Might there perhaps be an opportunity to lead a sadhana or two while I was staying … Read More

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Living in the Spine

When yogis speak of living in the spine, they’re referring to the “astral spine,” the primary channel for life-force in the body.

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Are You Ready to Own a Yoga Studio?

Diane Calabria (also an Ananda Yoga Teacher Training graduate) interviewed Cheryll to explore the process of opening and running a yoga studio. Diane: First, a little background information. When did you complete Ananda Yoga Teacher Training? Cheryll: I received my Ananda Yoga® certification in August 2001 and my certificate to teach meditation in July 2001. (I had already been certified … Read More

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Training Teachers to Teach Yoga in Public Schools

Susan wrote an inspiring article about her teaching of Ananda Yoga in public schools. At that time, she was about to embark on a seven-week series, funded by a Jeannie Ritchie grant, in which she would instruct other classroom teachers in how to integrate yoga into the classroom. Following is her report on that series and on some wonderful subsequent … Read More

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The Perfect Yoga Warm-Up

What does it mean to “warm up” the body? It means preparing the body to perform physical tasks efficiently with a minimal risk of injury. Scientific studies have provided evidence of the importance of warming up the body to prevent injuries. Without warming up physically, the body will perform poorly, and be at increased risk of injury. It’s like trying … Read More

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What? Fortune Cookies without Cookies?

As soon as I graduated from Ananda’s Yoga Teacher Training, I went home and rented a space so I could open my very own yoga studio: Inner Harmony Yoga in San Pedro, California. I felt very fortunate to be in my own studio from the very beginning, because that enabled me to cultivate an environment that would feel like home … Read More

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Pregnancy Posture Tips

According to the California Pacific Medical Center’s book, A Guide to Your Pregnancy and Newborn: “One of the most important contributions to a healthy pregnancy is good posture.” The principles of posture for a pregnant woman are the same as for anyone else: her natural curves need to be maintained, and all of the same principles of alignment as discussed in the last article … Read More

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Can You Teach Ananda Yoga® in a Fitness Center?

Ever since I began to teach Ananda Yoga®, I’d managed to stay away from fitness clubs. It seemed to me that Ananda Yoga would not be well received in these mainstream clubs. However, all that changed last year when the Northwest Fitness Complex here in Portland contacted Ananda Portland in autumn 2003, asking for a yoga instructor. I actually wasn’t too keen on … Read More

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More Perspectives on Warm-Ups

First, I’ll discuss some factors that should influence which warm-ups you choose, and how many you do. Time of Year Different seasons of the year have different effects on us. Let’s look, for example, at the choice of a pranayama technique for your initial centering. In the summer-time you might want to focus more on cooling pranayamas, such as sitali … Read More

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A Yoga Teacher’s Guide to English Verb Forms

Although I am writing this for the amusement and benefit of all, it is inspired by my experience at numerous yoga sessions. It concerns the following two basic rules of English verb forms, frequently violated by yoga teachers: Transitive verbs take a direct object. Intransitive verbs stand alone (i.e., no direct objects). Here are some examples using the present tense: … Read More