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Magnetic Protection

(Originally Written in Spring, 2003) As I write this, the war in Iraq seems mostly over, but the question remains: what will come of this unfortunate conflict? And the next one, and the next? Why are these things happening? What is my role in promoting peace? What role can yoga teachers play? During the 1991 Gulf War, Swami Kriyananda gave an answer: “The … Read More

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Keepin’ It Simple

Earlier this year, I received an e-mail from a relatively new Ananda Yoga Teacher Training graduate who had just begun teaching Ananda Yoga®. In part of the message, this person wrote, “I don’t know what in the world ever made me think that I could do this. Ananda Yoga is so complex.” I enjoyed the humor and the humility, but I was … Read More

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Inversions and Cardiovascular Problems

Have you ever been suspicious of the contraindication, “Don’t do an inversion if you have a cardiovascular problem”? After all, how dangerous can Matsyasana or Padahastasana — or Balasana, for goodness’ sake — really be? This is a safe and conservative guideline for new teachers, but the more we learn about anatomy and physiology, the more we see when this … Read More

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Asanas to Help Improve Posture During Pregnancy

See also Pregnancy Posture Tips. Tadasana will usually need to be modified, sooner or later, by placing the feet wider apart. This will help with balance as well as comfort when the pelvis begins to shift and the baby gets heavier. Standing asanas in general will help improve posture if you, as the teacher, make it a priority to constantly watch … Read More