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Short Stories Returning to Yoga after a Back Injury Ananda Yoga Goes to the Movies Holding to Your Ideals The Joy of Teaching Meditation Big Yoga, Small Town Growth on All Levels “Left and Right and All Around”: Yoga in a Restaurant, in a Gym, and in the Bible Belt “This is Why I Come to Yoga!” My Experience of … Read More

Short Stories, Yoga Postures

Oh, What A Wonderful Day

Note: This short story won an Energy Expressions contest among Ananda Yoga teachers. Here’s what inspired the contest: There are many expressions in the English language—and many other languages—that directly reflect realities of the subtle (energy) body, even though the speaker might not know about prana at all. For example, expressions such as “I feel high” and “I’m on top … Read More

Short Stories, Yoga Postures

How to Teach Spiritual Yoga in a Gym

Question I have recently begun teaching yoga in the only location available in my community — a gym. Has anyone else had experience in this kind of environment? Does anyone have suggestions for dealing with the noise, other distractions, and workout mentality? Answers Pam Blasco Las Vegas, Nevada The energy at the gym is very different, and at first I … Read More

Short Stories, Yoga Postures

Inspired to Teach

On September 30, the 177th anniversary of Lahiri Mahasaya’s birthday, Fran (Ananda Yoga Teacher Training graduate, January 1999) bid a peaceful farewell to this physical plane after a heroic battle against acute myeloid leukemia. In her life as well as in her passing, she was an inspiration to many people. Her physicians called her “the strongest person we have ever … Read More

Short Stories, Yoga Postures

Yoga is for Growth on All Levels

When Steve first came into my class, he had a pronounced slump, and his body and face were all gray from not being able to take in enough oxygen. He was about 58 years old at the time, a geography professor at the University of California at Davis. Locked into the academic environment, he’d never really “lived in his body”; … Read More