One of the most thrilling episodes in Paramhansa Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi is when Sri Yukteswar, after his death, materializes in front of Yogananda. Yogananda writes, “For the first time in my life I did not kneel at his feet in greeting but instantly advanced to gather him hungrily in my arms.” Then a little later, “My mind was now in such perfect attunement with my guru’s that he was conveying his word-pictures to me partly by speech and partly by thought-transference. I was thus quickly receiving his idea-tabloids.”

We have the delusion that words, written or spoken, are the only means of communication. In fact, the vast majority of communication is nonverbal. Only a moment of reflection will suffice: If God has manifested as everything, then there is an underlying connectedness and communication between everything. This goes all the way down to the subatomic quantum energies.

yogananda teachings whispers from eternity the hidden language of god and in all creatures like horse whisperingI have been reading a fascinating book, The Man Who Listens to Horses, by Monty Roberts. Through careful observation of wild horses, he discovered their hidden language. Using the old, rather brutal, method of breaking a horse, it  takes around two weeks to finally break its will sufficiently for it to carry a rider. By understanding the hidden language of horses, Monty is able to accomplish this in a half hour. And the horse, instead of fearing him, works enthusiastically in partnership with him. As proof of concept, not only has he “joined up”—as he calls it, rather than “breaking”—with thousands of horses, but he has also won innumerable championships in the equine world.

It is only the arrogance of ego that makes us think that we, with our human language, are unique in our ability to communicate. As our awareness continues to advance during Dwapara Yuga, increasingly we will see the interconnectedness between all things. Articles are appearing weekly that share the latest discoveries by scientists of the communications among plants, ants, animals, and atoms.

Language may allow more detailed communication, but it is vastly inferior to the type of exchange that Yogananda described. As a sidenote, Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek, took many of his ideas from Autobiography of a Yogi. He said that the image of the transporter came from Sri Yukteswar’s dematerialization, and I suspect that the Vulcan mind meld came from the same chapter.

If we want to speak with Divine Mother, we need to learn Her hidden language. We should take our first hint from the title of a book that Yogananda called scripture—Whispers from Eternity. God speaks quietly, and only a quieted mind can hear the divine whispers. So we must strive for deep stillness in meditation. Secondly, feeling is more important than intellect when trying to receive God’s communications, so we must open our heart center through deep devotion in order to hear His whispered vibrations. Finally, the real communication happens not only behind the curtain of words, but also behind restlessness of thought. In deep inner stillness and devotion the innate intuitive perceptions of the soul will begin to be heard.

Let us take a lesson from Monty Roberts and learn a new language, not of horses, but of Spirit. When we do, Divine Mother will speak to us tenderly in the same way She did to Yogananda: “Always have I loved thee! Ever shall I love thee!”

In divine friendship,

Nayaswami Jyotish

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    1. Namaste,
      I majored in Grad School and obtained a Deaf Studies M.S. in Communication Disorders. I have also lived and meditated alone for 11 years. I have come to realization of all the things you mention in today’s excerpt from your blog as true. I view the Divine Mother as what is called in Hebrew “The Shekena”, the female avatar of G-d on Earth, born here to guide our entire planet through the present era with knowledge which is from the Universal Creator. That coincides nicely with what you say. Like Yogananda, I have had visitation from my guide. What you are writing is profound, possibly not belonging published on the Internet. It is for private transmission to disciples. If I were you I would adhere to that guideline. Mary

      1. The Internet is used by us….and here Jyotish reaches us.
        As he also reaches us in many other ways with his profound deep and encouragong sharings.
        Of which this one is essential to the heart of hearts. So that indeed, even if I am writing words down here , it leaves me in that space beyond words and my ears beyond ears are rejoicing.

  1. Thank you, Jyotish, for this important reminder. It was an especially good one for me because I have a friend who does exactly the same thing with her horses. Happy horses are responsive horses, and she is masterful with them. One especially difficult stallion began bringing her his bridle shortly into his training, after years of no training and unruliness. She can communicate with most animals, as they easily hear the voice of Love. Maybe it’s no surprise that she is an advanced meditator, having followed her Guru for 46 years!

  2. I love what you wrote so very much😇 dear Jyotish 💙 I will listen to Divine Mother whispering to the wild horse in me 🐴 become tame letting Her touch me and ride me home to God🌟🐎

  3. Regarding “feeling is more important than intellect when trying to receive God’s communications.” I have not found this to be true. In my experience, we can hear God through every human modality when we are wanting to hear God. God, being everywhere, is ever-communicating through everything, everyone, and every part of everyone… (:

  4. I am an austrian “horse – women” and know about Monty Roberts and his work with horses. So I want to highlight his experience AND I learned, if you are once found out about “another” or as said hidden language, you got an idea what it is meant to be. Horses helped me a lot to look behind the curtains ;-) Never extinguish the embers that burn within you – it is the hidden language of our creator and source.
    Lightworkers, shine for all you are worth! Annette

  5. Thank you so much for your beautiful, inspiring message, Jyotish. It is a teaching that I need to hear again and again. Your wisdom and insights bring so much light to this world.

    With endless blessings to you and Devi,

  6. The time for knowing God has indeed come. Thank you great soul. Namaste

  7. Thank you for this wonderful article Jyotish ji, very enlightening. No wonder I love star trek!!

  8. I so appreciate the horse references with Monte, and especially your timely and gentle reminders on listening

  9. Aloha Joytesh – Good story. I read Monte’s book a while back. Just last week ordered a copy for a friend. I have recently been thinking how we need to improve and increase our awareness. It’s a form of survival. With all the new UFO sightings and government acknowledgement I wonder about the awareness of such advanced societies. I doubt they spend time playing the stock market or enraging in child like domestic and international political issues. I doubt they have race relationship issues. We need to move beyond all this nonsensical stuff by utilizing our awareness like we’ve never done before. It’s as if awareness creates evolution so how we evolve is up to us. Amen Jyotish

  10. Dear Nayaswami Jyotish Ji,

    Thank you for this wonderful blog. Very Inspiring.

    Enjoyed reading the account on Star Trek :-)


  11. Thank You Mother Divine🙏💜🙏🕉️

  12. Dear Jyotishji,

    Thank you for this wonderful blog!


  13. Thank you for this great reminder of the connection between all Nature and
    all the created life forms,even down to the smallest,microscopic levels. It was
    especially good to mention a book by someone with the great ability of being
    able to tune into the nature of and the ways of communication between the
    majestic,strong,intelligent and wonderful horse which is one of Gods finest
    and most amazing creations in the animal kingdom. Like the whales and dolphins,
    the horse is a remarkable,intelligent creature with attributes and communications
    that we are still learning about. Thanks again

  14. Through what little I have gained from my spiritual practice I am in total agreement with our revered Jyotish. His writings have great clarity he provides references. There is this way of communication that our three cats have with us. Thanks again.

  15. That’s fascinating that one of my favourite TV shows’ creator was a fellow devotee of sorts.
    And kind of the opposite to old mate Hubbard.

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