Ananda offers ongoing support for Ananda Sangha Kriyabans, including online courses, Kriya retreats (both online and in-person), guided Kriya meditations, a special website with articles to help deepen one’s Kriya practice, as well as email support and personal counseling. Following is more information about our online offerings, as well as a small sample of the letters we receive.

Kriya Support Joy and Inspiration

Deepening Your Kriya Practice

Online Course for Ananda Sangha Kriyabans
Deepening Your Kriya Practice Paramhansa Yogananda

Deepening Your Kriya Practice is an interactive online course that will help keep your Kriya inspired, not only with course content, but also through forum discussions and live webinars.

It includes several short videos by Nayaswami Jyotish, Nayaswami Devi, Nayaswami Devarshi, Nayaswami Dhyana, Nayaswami Jaya, and Nayaswami Maria, Dr. Peter Van Houten, and others—along with articles and many other Kriya resources. This course is open to all Kriyabans, both new and longtime practitioners.

Kriya Yoga Workshop Series

Online Workshops for Ananda Sangha Kriyabans
Kriya Yoga Workshop Series

Re-fresh, re-new, re-inspire your Kriya practice. Even if you are feeling strong in your practice, this workshop series can help you take your practice to a new level.

One of the best ways to deepen a practice is review the fundamentals. When we first receive Kriya, there is so much to absorb, that we can sometime miss some of the basics. Even if we have all the basics down, there are so many layers to these teachings and to our ability to absorb them – we will often hear something new or gain a deeper awareness of something that we had entirely missed before.

Higher Kriya Yoga Workshops

Higher Kriya Online Workshops for Ananda Sangha Kriyabans
Higher Kriya Online Workshops

Ananda Kriya Sangha offers Higher Kriya Workshops for those who are eligible.

To become eligible, a person first must have completed the Path of Kriya Yoga training program. After a couple of years or more of continued practice of Kriya, they would work with the Kriya Sangha for training in the Higher Kriya.


I wanted to thank you a again for a truly remarkable experience….Doing the practices and being on the path for the length of time I have, I was amazed at how much I gained and new insights I learned. Thank you for all that you and the community do to benefit our planet through living the example of peace and cooperation while sharing Master’s teachings.M.G.

I am eternally grateful to the Ananda Kriya Sangha for the tremendous support and follow up I have received in my kriya practice. First and foremost, Kriya is more than a technique! For those who simply think of it as a technique to take you to Self Realization, think again! Kriya involves the grace and the power of the Masters to transform you and that transformation is dependent first and foremost on your own receptivity. The Ananda Kriya Sangha and entire Ananda Sangha share through teachings, examples, stories, music, friendship and prayer on your behalf the path of self-offering and devotion to God required for your receptivity to God and the Masters. These teachings are not only a prerequisite to Kriya, but are also the foundation for your kriya practice to be built on. May you find the joy you are seeking through these sacred offerings.

— K.H.

My thanks for the wonderful Kriyaban Retreat. I felt renewed and refreshed as a result of the wonderful meditations and inspiring talks. I’ve received so many blessings, yet this is the most powerful.

— M.C.

For me, the Kriyaban Retreat in July was life-changing. It vastly amplified my motivation to devote energy to being a devotee. It also brought me a sense of guidance from Master about the direction for my life. I was at the most recent Kriyaban Retreat in January. The overall goal seemed to be greater attunement to Master, as well as improving Kriya practice. I have, over the past several months, been working on attunement to Yogananda’s vibrations, with such practices as reading Man’s Eternal Quest and listening to tapes of Yogananda’s singing and chanting.

During the retreat, I put enormous effort into doing Kriya properly and with great concentration. During one long meditation on Saturday morning, after finishing Kriya practice, I concentrated on the spiritual eye and called forcefully to Master. I doubt I’d ever made such an effort in meditation before. And, after a while, I had a very powerful experience that Master did come to me in the astral form. It was so sweet and peaceful that words really cannot describe it. Again I felt something very profound had happened for me spiritually as part of the Kriyaban Retreat.

— L.M.

I’ve been a Kriyaban for over 30 years and Ananda Kriya Sangha has been of great help to me. Many of us live far from other Kriyabans, and to have inspiration and practical advice on a regular basis can keep our practice energized. Each time my energy flags, it seems like that’s the time I receive an email from the Kriya Sangha, reminding me that I’m not the only one practicing . There always seems to be some new twist on the practice to help me get back on track and enthusiastic again. What a blessing to have these techniques, and to have the help and support to practice regularly!

— S.D.

The whole retreat experience was so wonderful! I have never experienced so much serenity, calmness and clarity of mind in a large block of time like that. I LOVED the silence part, too! Truly, in every respect, it was the most beautiful and uplifting experience I’ve ever had. Probably the biggest takeaway for me was learning to deepen my devotion during meditation, and during Kriya in particular. That alone is making a huge difference in my practice. I plan to do a Kriyaban Seclusion week every year now.

— P.P.

For those who wish to reach their goals of either easing daily stress or finding the unification of all life, Ananda offers the capability for each individual to easily meet their objective, at their own pace and with no ongoing obligations to the organization. They are the true inclusion of the practices and messages which join us all together in creating the best possible life outcome we all strive for.

— S.M.

My Kriyas are going really well! It’s such a joy to have these techniques……finally meditation is more of a joy than a struggle! Thanks for the wonderful Kriya Preparation Week!

— H.L.

This week [Kriya Preparation] has been of special significance and importance to me – a quantum leap in my spiritual path. Much has happened this weekend beyond formal instruction.

— F.F.

Thank you again for the Kriya Preparation week. Those eight days were the most wonderful experience of my life.


My time at Ananda and especially the Kriya Preparation Week was just great. Since I’ve been back the worldly demands have been high, but I feel an underlying peace and sense of inwardness from getting too involved.

— B.R.