“Kriya Yoga, in order to be wholly effective, must be received not only intellectually (in written or spoken form), but vibrationally, in the form of initiation.” Essence of the Bhagavad Gita by Paramhansa Yogananda as remembered by his disciple, Swami Kriyananda. The technique of Kriya is given through a special Initiation. The following experiences are a few among the thousands who have received Kriya through Ananda Kriya Sangha.

The initiation was a gift that I will always carry with me. I did not know at the time how wonderful it was until the day after I came back from the retreat. My friends were telling me how calm, serene and peaceful I was. They said, “you seem to be ‘radiating light.'” The blessings from the Gurus were so intense to me, that it took me about 10 days to come back to the daily dramas of my life. During that time, I had no desires, questions, cravings, nothing. I only wanted to stay in peace and commune with my inner Self in meditation.


When I attend a Kriya initiation I feel such a tangible presence of the masters, and afterwards I am “soaring” in their blessings for hours. All problems disappear and there is only their joy, our joy, to carry me through my life. I wish everyone could have the benefit of this profound technique and blessing.

— J.M.

I’ll never forget my Kriya Initiation. I had been preparing for a year so I could take Kriya during my annual visit to Ananda. I was new to the Path and was awed by the fact that if, with devotion, one followed the meditation instructions one could actually experience Spirit. That night I did see light for the first time — it sealed my desire and determination to follow this Path wherever it may lead. I am evermore drawn to and awed by the Sound of Silence.

— M.S.

Many years ago Swami Kriyananda was still giving most of the Kriya Yoga initiations at Ananda, but I was serving as an usher at one led by another Kriya minister. My duties necessitated my standing near the front of the room during the blessing ceremony. I was thrilled to feel a continuous wave of blessing flowing strongly there. It seems, I thought, that the blessings of Kriya are always there for sincere devotees irrespective of the channel through which they flow!

— J.S.