sunsetNot only is it virtually impossible to meditate on nothingness: There are inherent dangers in even attempting to do so. For although, to go deep in meditation, you must empty the mind of thoughts, you must at the same time be deeply aware, inwardly — of the inner peace, for example. To make the mind blank is to open oneself passively to every vibratory influence in one’s environment. Mental blankness doesn’t even help one to receive whatever good influences there are: It opens one only to the negative ones. The way to make yourself receptive to higher vibrations is to raise your consciousness to their vibratory level.

Rather than meditating on nothingness, if that impersonal direction suits you, meditate on the thought of freedom from “anythingness.” Soul-freedom is a positive concept. Stillness is a positive concept. Perfect peace and calmness are positive concepts. Blankness is not. Always keep your consciousness moving in the direction of more, not less, awareness.

If, after meditation, you find yourself wondering vaguely, “Where was I?” the chances are you were slipping into subconsciousness, not rising toward superconsciousness. There comes a point in meditation where peace steals over the mind, but then, because of our long association of restfulness with sleep, the mind tends to drift off into a quasi-dream state. At that time, make an extra effort of will to rise toward superconsciousness. Concentrate with extra intensity at the point between the eyebrows, the seat of will power and of superconscious ecstasy.