In meditation, try to center your consciousness at the point between the eyebrows. Do not strain. (Some beginning yogis meditate as if their brains were muscles that must be squeezed into the desired attitudes!) Rather, simply channel your awareness calmly, and with a feeling of joyous aspiration, to that point. What you will be doing, in fact, is focusing more and more of the brain’s energy there. The greater this concentration of energy at that point, the more powerfully that portion of the brain will be stimulated and awakened, and the more profound will be your spiritual awareness. Paramhansa Yogananda, as a neophyte in his guru’s ashram, made it a deliberate practice to keep his mind centered at the Christ center throughout the day, regardless what his other activities were. He told us that in this way divine enlightenment can come very quickly. Because the word “energy” evokes images of strain and tension, however, I suggest you think, rather, of focusing your thoughts and aspirations at this spiritual point.