The whole purpose of true exercise is to awaken the inner source of energy which we have ignored throughout our lives.

—Paramhansa Yogananda


The purpose of the Energization Exercises is to learn to control the flow of energy throughout your body. When you can control your energy, you can also control your thoughts, and you will be able to direct your energy into your spiritual eye, helping you to achieve Self-realization.

The Exercises are based on the principle of drawing the Cosmic Energy into the body through the medulla oblongata by the power of will. The medulla is located at the point where the skull joins the spinal column on the back of the head. It is referred to in the scriptures as “the mouth of God,” and is considered by yogis to be the portal through which the energy enters the body.

The full set of Paramhansa Yogananda’s Energization Exercises is comprised of 39 individual exercises. Once you become familiar with the routine it takes about 10 – 12 minutes to complete. Practicing them will give you increased energy, an awareness of its flow in the body, and a sense of well-being. Doing these exercises before you meditate will also help to release any stored bodily tension and enable you to sit still longer and more comfortably.

It is best to learn the Energization Exercises from an Ananda Meditation Teacher, or through our video, book and audio resources (see links at the end of this page). If you already know the techniques and would like to deepen your practice you can take our 30 Day Energization Challenge.

Double breathing

Throughout the exercises you will practice “double breathing” — a special breathing technique taught by Yoganananda, which helps to oxygenate and detoxify the blood.

To practice a double breath, begin by inhaling strongly through the nose with a short, sharp inhalation followed directly by a long, strong inhalation — completely filling your lungs. Then, without pause, exhale through the nose and mouth with a short, then a long exhalation—making the sound: “Huh, Huhhhhhh” (with the breath only; do not vocalize). Feel cosmic energy flowing into the medulla oblongata with the breath.

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The full set of Paramhansa Yogananda’s Energization Exercises is comprised of 39 individual exercises. Once you become familiar with the routine, it takes about 10–12 minutes to practice.

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