The eyes are the windows of the soul, and a photograph captures some of that magnetism. Think for a moment of the times that you have seen a photograph of a criminal in the newspaper. Don’t you instinctively turn your eyes away so as not to be drawn into the negative vortex of energy in his gaze? Then think of the eyes of a saint, or any noble person who has served humanity in a selfless manner. Do you want to gaze upon that face and momentarily bask in the love and wisdom in those eyes? Recently, I saw a magnificent poster of Albert Einstein; I could have gazed into those eyes for an hour, if time had allowed. Indeed, this would be a wonderful practice for anyone who would like to have more of that cosmic awareness that Einstein experienced.

In our Divine Will Healing seminars, we will often measure the effect of certain objects on the aura, through the assistance of an individual who is sensitive to subtle energies and is skilled at using dousing rods for this purpose. We have found repeatedly that if an individual looks into the eyes of a photograph of Paramhansa Yogananda, then the aura will expand greatly in size anywhere from 3 to 10 times its normal circumference, even if they know very little about Yogananda.

Sometime2010-4s we will also give the individual a copy of Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi, concealed in a brown paper bag, and still we see the aura expands to almost the same degree (about 3 to 10 times its normal size). Conversely, when we give the individual a book (also concealed in a bag) dealing with a very dark or depressing topic, the aura shrinks down to almost nothing. This also happens when we ask the individual to dwell momentarily, for the sake of the experiment, on a sad or depressing time period of his or her life. This graphically demonstrates the weakening effect of holding negative thoughts and emotions!

A saint is an individual who has been able to stay focused on God and the attributes of God. This is captured in the eyes, and a photo of such divine eyes is a blessing indeed. It is helpful to gaze into the eyes of a photo of a saint when you want to increase your spiritual energy and magnetism, or if you want to increase the light and strength in your aura. Often a devotee at Ananda will have a favorite photo of Paramhansa Yogananda that is especially comforting or inspiring to him or her as an individual. This is very good. But it is also helpful to gaze into the eyes of a photo of a saint that depicts a quality that one needs to strengthen in oneself.

For instance, at times when I have needed increased wisdom to make a clear decision, I have gazed long and deeply into the eyes of Swami Sri Yukteswarji, a saint of wisdom. Normally his gaze feels too dry and austere to hold much appeal for me, but in those moments I want the cold, hard truth, and I know he will give it to me, and guide me clearly toward the right understanding and choice. However, in a recent instance, he answered my prayer in a very sweet way that was in accordance with my feminine heart and nature, confirming through a special grace that I had done the right thing in a challenging spiritual test. He was gentle with me and did not have to correct me with his austere ways.

Mother of Paramhansa YoganandaIt is also of great benefit to gaze into the eyes of a photograph of the mother of Paramhansa Yogananda, Gyana Prabha Ghosh. Yogananda referred to her as a very great saint, indeed a vessel of the Divine Mother. In her eyes we behold the balance of Love and Wisdom, and this can be a great gift to those who need to increase that consciousness within their souls. Gaze into her eyes for 20-30 minutes, allowing holy vibrations to enter your bodily temple through your own eyes and then travel through the brain and nervous system. This is especially helpful to wives and mothers who wish to increase their ability to serve as instruments of Divine Mother in daily life.

These sacred photos can also be used to heal any emotional injuries left by abuse, neglect or other inadequacies of the earthly mother or father, who, ideally should reflect in some way the wisdom and love of the Heavenly Father and Divine Mother. However, life is not always ideal, and thus we have the need for healing! Look into the eyes of Paramhansa Yogananda or his mother and receive the perfect Father/Mother God into your being, healing those psychological nooks and crannies that all too often leave an individual unable to embrace life with love and joy. Remember no injury is permanent, though some can be very convincing for a while! God is Infinite Love, and it is our birthright to realize that Love.

Excerpted from Divine Will Healing, By Mary Kretzmann


Mary Kretzmann
Director of Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry