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Ananda Yoga Instructional Videos - Vrikasana (Tree Pose)

Melody Hansen
June 22, 2021

Ananda Yoga brings yoga back to its original spiritual essence. Above all, it seeks to raise your level of consciousness by reinforcing the natural effects the yoga.

Ananda Yoga includes:

*Asana (yoga postures)

*Pranayama (breathing and energy-control techniques)

*Yogic meditation techniques

*Applied yoga philosophy


What Is the Practice Like?

Yoga posture practice in Ananda Yoga® is gentle for beginning students, becoming more challenging with experience. It is an inwardly directed practice, and is never aggressive or aerobic. The primary emphases are:

*Safety and correct alignment

*Being relaxed at all times, even during the midst of effort

*Working directly with the body’s subtle energy via the yoga postures

*Using the postures to raise your consciousness

*Adaptation – modifying each yoga posture to fit the needs and abilities of the practitioner rather than trying to force the practitioner into some "ideal" position


What Makes Ananda Yoga Unique?

Energization Exercises

The Energization Exercises are a series of 39 special energy-control techniques that Yogananda developed in order to help the practitioner increase, focus, and control the life-force.


Each yoga posture is paired with its own affirmation, which one practices silently while in the posture. The affirmation is designed to reinforce the posture’s natural effect on one's state of consciousness, bringing the mind actively and directly into one's practice.

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