Blue Lotus Feet

Chant by Paramhansa Yogananda, arranged for cello ensemble by David Miller. Performed by David Eby. Lyrics: Engrossed is the bee of my mind, On the blue lotus feet of my Divine Mother. Divine Mother, my Divine Mother. Divine Mother, my Divine Mother.

O Master (4 Cello Version)

Words and music by Mukti LaMar and Swami Kriyananda, arranged by David Miller for 4 cellos. Performed by David Eby. Copyright Hansa Trust.

Life Is the Quest for Joy

Composition by Swami Kriyananda. One melody, with variations, hauntingly describes the human condition: love, hope, aspiration, courage, disappointment, and sorrow all directed toward life’s universal goal: joy. This is a new kind of music: in the tradition of classical music, but not constrained by classical structures. Transcending the emotions and the intellect, it uplifts the mind to a level of … Read More