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Life Is the Quest for Joy

David Eby
July 4, 2019

Composition by Swami Kriyananda. One melody, with variations, hauntingly describes the human condition: love, hope, aspiration, courage, disappointment, and sorrow all directed toward life’s universal goal: joy. This is a new kind of music: in the tradition of classical music, but not constrained by classical structures. Transcending the emotions and the intellect, it uplifts the mind to a level of inner healing and soul-inspiration.

Performed at Ananda Village in the Temple of Light during Ananda's 50th anniversary celebration.

Peony Lee (violin)
Paean Lee violin)
Krishnabai Lewis (violin)
Sherry Chow (violin)
David Eby (cello)
Keshava Betts (cello)
Steve D'Amico (cello)


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