Strength and Hope in Challenging Times: Wellness for Warriors in Healthcare

Strength & Hope in Challenging Times featuring Dr. Shanti Rubenstone. View Shanti’s Presentation Handout ABOUT WELLNESS FOR WARRIORS Receive FREE Wellness Toolkit with Guided Meditation & Yoga  Now more than ever, health care providers find themselves on the frontlines of an unprecedented global event. This half-day wellness program will focus on providing simple, yet effective tools for bringing meditation techniques … Read More

Meditation and Medicine

A deeper understanding of meditation: what actually happens physiologically, neurologically, metabolically, genetically, energetically, and quantum physically. For literally thousands of years great spiritual teachers of all religions have proclaimed that meditation is the way to optimal health of body, mind, and soul. These ‘anecdotal’ reports were not sufficient for the scientists, and questions regarding meditation went unanswered. For the past … Read More