Emergency Preparation: Part 2

This is a continuation of the first Emergency Preparation video Dharmadas recorded recently. In this video he shares thoughts about the kind of mental and spiritual “backpack” we need in these times. And the causes behind the challenges and rebalancing that are happening in these times.

Emergency Preparation

Dharmadas shares a practical video today: Ananda Sacramento Community has been working to prepare for a potential emergency–this video relates some of the particulars. Recently, California’s governor suggested that everyone in California should be prepared to evacuate if necessary, due to fire, earthquake, etc. Included in this video is a “show-and-tell” of the backpack with accessories they assembled as a … Read More

World Brotherhood Colonies: How to Start Them and Why

Swami Kriyananda wrote a wonderful and ground-breaking book back in the late 1960s. Now titled: The Need For Spiritual Communities and How to Start Them, it helps people to understand the possibilities and blessings of following Yogananda’s ideals of creating intentional spiritual communities: what he called “World Brotherhood Colonies.” In this talk, Dharmadas shares some of the founding principles and … Read More

There Are NO Obstacles Only Opportunities!

How does the title saying apply to our present situation–pandemic, wildfires, changing times, etc.?! Dharmadas shares a number of stories and insights about how Yogananda’s simple but profound aphorism gives us a vital way to look at lives now and always.

How a Yogi Does Lockdown – Episode 6 with Nayaswamis Dharmadas and Nirmala

We are very joyful to have Nayaswamis Dharmadas & Nirmala share their inspiration with all of us in the sixth episode of this series. Dharmadas and Nirmala worked closely with Swami Kriyananda for over 40 years beginning in the 1970s and have taught yoga and meditation on three continents. They helped create four Ananda spiritual communities around the world and … Read More

Independence Day

What do we celebrate on “Independence Day?” At the deepest level, it isn’t political or even national. Dharmadas shares a reading for this day written by Swami Kriyananda in his book Living Wisely, Living Well, and offers his own thoughts on our need to “declare independence” from ignorance and old patterns of trying to be like someone else.