“New” Niyama: Repeating the Name of God

Instead of allowing our minds to focus on worries, doubts, and fears, we could instead be practicing the purifying art of “Japa,” repeating the name of God. Which is appealing? Would you rather feel nervous, unsteady, and suspicious? Or, would it be better to feel trusting, centered, and hopeful? Japa can help you to face life with courage.

Discussion of the Niyamas: Devotion (Part 4)

We can’t advance on the spiritual path without awakening the heart’s natural love. In today’s video, learn how to adjust the focus of our love so that we can begin to feel and see God’s love in those around us.Is it possible to view everyone in our lives as aspects of God?! If so, it will be so much easier … Read More

Discussion of the Niyamas: Devotion (Part 3)

What is the connection between inspiration and devotion? Nirmala addresses the need to follow our own true inspiration and keep checking in with God along the way. She shares the story of the humble devotee Sabari, who received the visit of Lord Rama–and suggests how we can do the same.

How a Yogi Does Lockdown – Episode 6 with Nayaswamis Dharmadas and Nirmala

We are very joyful to have Nayaswamis Dharmadas & Nirmala share their inspiration with all of us in the sixth episode of this series. Dharmadas and Nirmala worked closely with Swami Kriyananda for over 40 years beginning in the 1970s and have taught yoga and meditation on three continents. They helped create four Ananda spiritual communities around the world and … Read More

Letting Go

Nirmala talks about one of the “Yamas:” non-attachment or non-greed, and the importance and practical implications of this observance in daily life. Often we don’t appreciate the outward circumstances of our lives until we’ve lost them–and then we find ourselves attached to “what was.” True happiness lies in the present moment and complete acceptance.

Developing Intuition

So often we get going on a certain track and lose our intuitive sense–our ability to hear the “still small voice” of Spirit. Nirmala shares techniques to develop our intuition.