Ananda Music, Part 1: Why Does Music Affect Us?

Creation was manifested through the vibration of AUM, and even though matter is condensed vibration, and as such appears to be solid, we are still, at heart, essentially vibration. Music, as pure vibration resonates with us at the heart of our being.

Stories of Swami Kriyananda: Support and Friendship

Swami gave the teachings out to many thousands of people through the years, through his talks, his books, and his music. These are still available to each of us, giving us a foundation for the spiritual life. In creating Ananda, he created a lifestyle that we are all enjoying: a simple life, lived with an uplifted consciousness; living in this … Read More

How to Create Harmonious Relationships (Part 4)

The quality of our relationships affects our lives on many levels—and we all need *connection*! It is wired into our very human nature. To develop and nurture close family relationships we have to hold lightly “that which binds most men” and teach ourselves to realize that all love is a mere reflection of God’s love. Relate to those you love … Read More

How to Have Harmonious Relationships (Part Three)

The key to harmony begins inside each of us. If we can make it a priority in our lives to increase our magnetism, we will be able to magnetically draw into our lives all the people and circumstances that we long for. One spiritual technique of our path is particularly helpful to us in drawing our hearts desires.

How to Cultivate Harmonious Relationships: Part 2

In this world of delusion it’s natural to reach outside ourselves to try to find happiness. The reality is that nothing in this world lasts, and no one can make us truly happy ~ its up to us to decide to be happy ourselves; to make inner peace our “bottom line.”

How to Cultivate Harmonious Relationships: Part 1

The first step towards world peace starts within each individual. And outer harmony begins with inner harmony, within oneself. Nirmala talks about ways that we can cultivate inner harmony and peace within ourselves so that it radiates outwards into everyone and everything around us.