Stories of Swamiji, Part 1: A Sojourn in Italy

The more we can open ourselves to whatever it is that God is asking of us, the more we will see that even the difficulties of life resolve themselves into joy! Our self-offering is never in vain. God gives back to us a hundredfold whatever we offer to Him.

Overcoming Harmful Emotions: Part 1

Rather than be tossed on a stormy sea of emotions, we need to create for ourselves a safe harbor of inner peace. One of the first steps is to realize that our lives are our own creation, and that “we don’t get to vote on what happens to us today, because we already voted on that yesterday.” In other words, … Read More

Ananda Music and Consciousness: Part One

Yogananda said, “Sound or vibration is the most powerful force in the universe.” It’s the easiest way to realize God of the eight ways that He is experienced. Why is this? The answer is that we ourselves ARE vibration, created from the “Word of God,” the vibration of AUM that permeates every atom of cream. We all have preferences and … Read More

Ananda Music, Part 3: The Importance of Attunement

“Attunement” is essential on the spiritual path, and we can become “in tune” through devotion and love. Nirmala explains how both Swami Kriyananda’s and Paramhansa Yogananda’s music help us, in a painless and easy way, to get in tune with their vibration of joy and spiritual consciousness.

Ananda Music, Part 1: Why Does Music Affect Us?

Creation was manifested through the vibration of AUM, and even though matter is condensed vibration, and as such appears to be solid, we are still, at heart, essentially vibration. Music, as pure vibration resonates with us at the heart of our being.