How Do We Know What Is True? (Part 2)

Navigating through the murky waters of this maya/delusion is not easy! In order to know the truth, we have to align ourselves with it in every way that we can, and allow the truth to take root in our hearts.

How Do We Know What Is True? (Part 1)

Nirmala shares some insights into figuring out how to navigate through the sea of misinformation and “alternate facts” that we are confronted with during this turbulent time. As one would study the law to understand the law and how it is applied to different situations, so we study the scriptures to understand truth and how to apply it to our … Read More

The Game

From Nirmala: The more we relax and trust in God, the more we are able to view this life and all its circumstances as coming from God’s loving hands.

Beatitudes, #5: Blessed Are the Merciful

Swami Kriyananda said that to understand people, you must first love them, because to love is to understand. From a heart filled with love, giving compassion and mercy to others is a natural outpouring of energy, so let us work to cultivate a loving heart.

St Theresa Story (Part 2)

Saints are the way showers. If we investigate their lives, they are the ones who can encourage us and inspire us to keep going on the path to oneness with the Divine. Through the example of their lives, we gain insights that can help us as we struggle to overcome the attitudes and energy blocks that keep us from loving … Read More

St Theresa Story (Part1)

This is Nirmala telling stories from St Theresa of Avila’s life during our Kirtan and Stories on October 30, which was interrupted several times by power outages. The first roughly 9:30 of the video was streamed live during the Kirtan. The last part we added after we were able to get our live stream working again, though very few probably … Read More

The Final Exam

Swami Kriyananda would often speak of death as “The Final Exam.” In this video Nirmala discusses the Soul behind this temporary body, and how we can prepare—even on a daily basis—for that “Final Exam.” What do we leave behind? What comes along with us for the soul’s journey onward?