Do This Today: Focus on the Breath

In this “Do This Today” episode, Dharmadas shares three simple suggestions related to the breath: 1. Breathe deeply at least once today, preferably outside 2. Practice a simple measured breathing exercise–he leads this during the video 3. Watch the breath and observe the correlation between the breath and your consciousness

Do This Today: Say “I Love You”

This is video the first of a series focused on simple things to do, but which can have profound results. Yogananda suggested a number of these—small but important things that we can and should try to do each day—so we will attempt to explore many of them. Saying: “I love you” is such a simple thing to do! Whether there … Read More

Do This Today: Laugh from Your Heart

True laughter comes from the heart–it is a release of energy upward. To develop a sense of humor and the ability to laugh is a small but important aspect of our full potential! In this video–the second of the “Do This Today” series, Dharmadas shares stories and tips for the exploring the joy of laughter.

The New Year

The New Year 2021 is just around the corner! In this video Dharmadas talks about this last week of 2020–how to spiritualize it–drawing the best from it in order to reach our highest potential in 2021.

Journey through the Chakras: Anahat

The “Anahat” or heart center is located just behind the heart area near the spine, in the center of the body. Physically it controls circulation and respiration, and much more. Spiritually, it is important in that it is the center where our natural love for God develops, and from which it is offered upward. Dharmadas discusses all these points and … Read More

“The “Non-Blues””

Dharmadas’s recent “One-Minute Challenge” video (Eliminate Complaining!) touched on a few lines from “The Non-Blues” written by Swami Kriyananda. In this video, Dharmadas shares the song, and some thoughts about the points Swamiji makes in the lyrics, as well as the charming story that led to him writing the song in the first place. Lyrics below: The Non-Blues (by Swami … Read More

One Minute Challenge: How’s Your Child?

This is a common enough question—for those who have children. But all of us potentially have a relationship with God—and—like any human parent—we are the only ones who can nurture and develop that relationship. No one else can do it for us in the same way. What if that relationship was our “child?” Could we learn to look at it … Read More

Journey through the Chakras: Manipur

The third part of our “journey”–the Manipur Chakra is associated with digestion and assimilation and physical energy, “fiery self-control” and Asana or posture. Dharmadas describes the importance of this stage in our growth and spiritual evolution–that we have to learn to focus our own energy and train the faculty of will (willingness) to accomplish upliftment for ourselves and the world … Read More

Journey through the Chakras: Swadhistan

The “Swadhistan” (second) chakra is where we learn to express creativity, fluidity, and flexibility. In this video Dharmadas suggests how we can open up and tune into the blessings and spiritual aspects of this chakra on our journey of awakening.